Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today was my second day of Diagnostic testing, CD9.
Just a few minutes ago I called to find out what the results were.
Here it is:

Ultrasound level 229
LH 4
Progesterone 3.3
Follicle 1.2

GREAT! I have no Idea what that means, and the automated
voice message spewing random numbers at me was defiantly 
not going to be of any help. 

Does anyone know what these numbers mean? or where to 
find out what they mean? I dread having to type them into 
google....I will only make myself crazy! crazier :)


  1. Guessing here - but LH and Progesterone are usually blood hormone levels, and follicle (did they give you more than one number there?) is the size of the growing follicles. I haven't done a daily test with an automated system, so I may very well be wrong. Any one else?

  2. Not sure what the ultrasound level means. Could it be an E2 (estrogen) level? That would make more sense. The progesterone level just indicates that you probably haven't ovulated yet, but that makes sense as well, since you were on CD9 when you got the blood drawn. Not sure what the LH level should be on CD9. Are you having CD3 bloodwork done? That's all I've ever had done. Here is a link to what levels should be, but most are based on CD3.