Thursday, October 22, 2009

A question for you

What does spotting 8dpo mean? Does it mean anything? 
Normally I spot a bit the day or two before my period,
but this was abnormally early...........
maybe I am over thinking things?

I hate the 2WW! 

I swear every month I convince myself that this time 
is different, that THIS month its implantation bleeding.

Also, If it's not implantation bleeding, and this is the start of 
my period, does that mean my luteal phase is
actually only 8 days long?


  1. I *think* CD 1 is full flow, so spotting leading up to full flow is still part of the luteal phase. At least that's how it's been explained to me. I think the spotting prior to a period is because progesterone levels are dropping and the corpus luteum breaking down. I have no idea about implantation spotting, because, well, I've never had any.

    I used to have spotting before every period (like clockwork) until I started to chart and then it disappeared completely. Strange...

    Good luck!

  2. I never have spotting til right before my period. I have heard that some people get spotting around the time implantation might be happening. 8DPO is early, but not impossibly early for it to be a sign.

    The 2WW is the worst! It does crazy things to your mind! Hang in there ...

  3. The earliest I've ever had spotting was 10dpo with a 12 or 13 day LP. What's your normal LP length?
    You don't count spotting as cd1 - only the first day of full flow.

    I hope this is implantation spotting! Good luck and keep us posted :).

  4. According to what my OB told me during my first pregnancy you could definitely be having implantation bleeding. She told me it takes about 7 days for the fertilized egg to travel and implant. And if you ask me 8 is "about 7"! I really, really hope that's what it is!! Good luck!

  5. Hmmm - I would for sure ask the acupuncturist! The timing is right for implantation bleeding....

    I also read somewhere that spotting into a period and out of a period is an endometriosis thing (plus pain! - I did always have cycles like that).
    Would love happy news.

  6. Low progesterone more then likely....How are your periods? What color are they? do they look "healthy"?

  7. My periods are not too healthy looking,
    some clotting and spotting before hand.
    I have heard that this is a sign of low progesterone
    and also endometriosis :(