Tuesday, October 13, 2009

CD14 has come and gone.....

So I have GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS.......

After my R.E. blatantly told me that I was wasting 
my time by charting and that most woman have 
no Idea when they ovulate, I was hell bent on 
proving him wrong.

He said that because I have a 28 day cycle I definitely 
ovulate on day 14. I told him that because I have been 
charting for 6 months, I know that I ovulate on day 18. 
After all, my OPK's, cervical mucus and BBT all told me so. 

And so the diagnostic testing began, every morning
at 7am, I went in for both blood work and the dildo 
cam. Every afternoon at around 2:00 I would call 
for my results (not that I really know what they mean)

CD 14 was on thanksgiving, this was the day 
I was to ovulate according to my R.E. At 2:00 I called 
to hear my results, my LH was still low, no spike.......No ovulation!!

CD 15 passed, no ovulation.....

Today is CD 16, I called at 2:00 and to my surprise my 
LH had spiked, apparently I will be ovulating todayish!!!

Here is the GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS:

Good News, my R.E. was wrong, and I love when arrogant 
people are wrong.

Bad News, I was wrong, and I hate when I am wrong ;(

Good News, I will ovulate on day 16 (or 17?), which means 
my Luteal Phase is not as deficient as I thought.

Bad News, I have to do the BD tonight because the lady on the 
phone told me to, BUT my husband is not in a very good mood and 
I'm a little nervous to bring it up.

So, Turns out neither my R.E. or I were right.....but it all comes 
down to that famous Dr. Phill quote:

"would you rather be right? or be happy?"

I would rather be happy, I'm happy I was wrong, 
I'm happy I ovulate a little earlier then I thought. Of course 
I have to visit the dildo cam one more time to make sure I 
actually ovulated but still, I think over all, it was a GOOD 
NEWS kinda day........now if you will excuse me I'm off 
to convince my exhausted husband to "get it on!"


  1. Well, I've ovulated at different days (14, 17, 21, etc), and my luteal phase has changed as well, so you never really know what things are going to look like until cd1. Do you always have 28 day cycles like clockwork?

  2. My husband says he feels like a performing monkey when times like this come. AND it makes it harder for him to well, be interested. Sucks if we do and sucks if we don't.

    Hope you were able to "get it on" (have you ever watched MXC? - now when I see that phrase it reads in the announcer's voice) last night and today's visit goes okay.

  3. Hi, Tishi! Thanks for swinging by my blog - I'm going to "follow" yours so we can walk through this together in a cyber sort of way :). I'm not sure how much we'll be "trying" right now, but we're on the roller coaster at this point whether we like it or not.

    As for your post today...I was thinking "take THAT!" just before I read you were, too :).