Monday, October 26, 2009

Trip to China Town

There is no use in denying it anymore, AF is on her way! no more 
pretending that spotting is "implantation bleeding" or that I'm tired 
because I'm building another human. Nope, I'm just spotting and lazy
(oh and don't forget cranky).....AF is on her way, I can hear her 
knockin' on my door!

I was holding off on buying the Chinese Herbs for the whole 2ww 
because that never dying little optimist kept whispering in my ear 
"you don't need to buy that medicine anymore, your pregnant, of course 
you are, they saw you ovulate, they told you when to BD....of course it 
worked this time!" ARg! that girl drives me crazy. She was wrong, I'm 
not pregnant and therefore I had to spend my whole morning in the 
crowded streets of china town searching for a herbalist. 

Forgive me for my ignorance, but I kept having visions of finding
him in some dark basement, mixing potions with snake skins and 
small animals. To my surprise though, I found him in a rather large, 
clean and brightly lit herbal store, he was extremely helpful and 
there were no small animals in sight. I handed over my prescription:

Then, in less then one hour, I went home with THIS:

YUP!! Those are my Fertility Herbs for 2 cycles. Each little paper 
bag contains the herbs I need for the day, I boil them for 15min, 
then drink them like a tea. There are different bags for different 
phases of my cycle. To the right are the herbal remedies, a little
easier to take because they are just pills and don't taste as bad as 
the tea's. The baggies in the front are filled with different types of 
berries, I need to make those into tea's as well. Seems like a lot of 
work......stinky work! 

So, this is the protocol my naturopath recommended for 3 months.
I am 100% dedicated to my herbs and the rules that go along with 
them. 8 hours of sleep, meditation, accupunture, yoga, ext. It sounds
kinda nice actually, and, if at the end of 3 months I am still not 
pregnant....I pity the fool who looks at me and says "If you would
just relax it will happen"


  1. I'm sorry that you are feeling discouraged with AF symptoms coming on. Hope is magical and treacherous all at once.

    Sounds like you are on a good path though regardless of that. I hope the teas aren't too yucky or stinky and that they work well for you.

    Good luck and be well!

  2. Oh wow that's a lot of herbs! I haven't gone that route, but I believe they know what they are doing. Good luck!

  3. That's a lot of herbs!!!!

    I did TCM a couple of years ago, before I discovered Napro. It helped psychologically, but there was no way I was going to get pregnant with the mess I was growing in my insides!

  4. Don't you just want to punch that hopefully optimistic version of yourself in the face every so often?

    Stupid AF always showing up where she's not wanted.

  5. I did the herbs, they helped (but ye know nothing can live in the UOD (uterus of doom)).
    I remember them being so so so so gross, hope you have nicer tasting ones!

  6. Actually looks kind of tasty. In a sea weed and dirt kind of way. And the routine sounds nice and relaxing and will most certainly put you in a good place. Keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

  7. Nice! You got a box as big as the box of meds for my IVF! I am really interested in hearing about how your all-natural TTC journey goes. Keep us updated on how the herbs make you feel, affect your cycle, etc. Same goes for the acupuncture/meditation. I will take any advice, seriously!! =)

    I hope this is the path to your BFP! Much luck!

  8. I remember the herbs I took a couple years ago. They were nasty and sort of tasted like really dry peanut butter after they were "cooked". I would drink a gallon of that stuff a day though to get pregnant. I wish I had been able to do it longer that 3 months...

  9. cllmemama, why did you finish after 3 months..?
    and Sonja, I promise I will keep you all posted on the the slight headache I have right now,
    I don't know if its from the herbs or not :(
    Thanks so much for the support and the comments!

  10. I remember when I was on 69 different pills that my accupuncturist gave me! Oh my gosh, what a mess. I guess I had a "cold" uterus. Little was she able to see the Stage IV endo growing inside! :)

    As soon as I discovered napro, I was healed! ;) xxoo!! Hope it works!

  11. My friend in Victoria was sending me the herbs - she was in a TCM course and she and her instructors were designed a "treatment plan" for me. After a while, they recommended I see a local acupuncturist and he didn't use those kinds of herbs - just the little brown pill kind. And after a couple months of that my endo had come back (and worse than before my first surgery) and I was scared that the herbs were having an estrogenic effect on my body and causing the endo to grow. So I stopped. Then I had my second surgery, and we couldn't afford to continue acupuncture with that guy, so my friend offered to treat me for free (only pay if I got pregnant), and she didn't do herbs.
    That was 2 years ago that I started the herbs...I've been wondering if I could do them again now that all the endo was cut out properly in my third surgery.

    Sorry for the ridiculously long comment :).