Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Dream

A couple months back I had ordered a book from Amazon called
The Fertile Female. Throughout the book are some exercises that 
are meant to help you learn more about yourself and your IF struggles. 
By learning more about yourself and where you come from, you can
learn more about what steps to take next on your journey. 
To be honest when I first go the book I did the exercises every day, 
but eventually I got a little bit slack. The one exercise I continue to 
do is recording my dreams. Each morning when I wake up, after 
taking my temperature of course, I write down my dreams. 
Here is one of my favorites, and the one that came in most

My husband and I were sitting along the waters edge in Nova Scotia
(where I am from) The ocean in Nova Scotia is wonderfully vast 
and clean, but near the waters edge it can be quite murky, full
of seaweed and large sharp rocks. My husband I were wading in
this dark water when I started to feel something biting at my legs. 
Instantly I thought "LEACHES" and I began to flail about. (yes
I know, there are no leaches in salt water, but what can you do?)
In my panic I was kicking up all the muck from the bottom of the 
ocean and it was getting thicker and harder to move. Somehow we 
managed to swim out of the shallow water towards the deeper, 
clearer part of the ocean. Here I could see the leaches attached to my 
leg and we began to pull them off one by one. I felt so much 
relief once they were gone (and I actually could feel this). Suddenly
we were smiling and together we began to swim further into the
deep water. here, the water was clear, calm and beautiful. We could
see schools of fish swimming all around us, all different kinds
of fish. Off in the distance we could see a lovely looking city, 
the houses were filled with color, when I turned my head again 
I could see a huge school of flying fish jumping out of the water. 
As these rather strange looking flying fish looked down at us, 
they all gaped with surprise to see us. Then, when they splashed 
back into the water I woke up. 

Although the book tells us to examine all animals and 
objects in the dreams and what they represent to us personally, 
without help from the internet. I couldn't help myself, before too 
long I was franticly searching google for every little thing I could
read about fish and what it means when they show up in 


  1. That's an interesting dream. Is it coincidental that you also have a fish picture in your "About me" section?

  2. ha.....well I guess it is! actually the flying fish had that same
    shocked look on their faces! why didn't I put that together myself?

  3. That's a fascinating dream! I love all of the fish symbolism - fertility, femininity, happiness, etc.

  4. Yikes! Leaches ... ew! But I am glad it symbolizes fertility! =)