Monday, October 12, 2009



Thank you Circus Children for sharing this award with me!

Hopefully I will make her proud by properly following the rules 

of accepting this honor!

Here are 7 things people may not know about me:

1. I eat almond butter everyday, usually with apples

but sometimes in a rice milk shake!

2. I'm from a small town in Nova Scotia, I was born 

with a birth mark the shape of the island! 

I also miss it dearly!

3. I used to have a pet hedgehog! her name was putter!

4. I married a greek man, I danced as the greeks do 

for the first time in public last night. They were impressed!

I no longer have to dance circles in the secrecy of my 

own home! His grandmother also spits on my food so 

that I will be blessed enough to have a baby. 

(little does she know it will take more then spit)

5. I was a baton twirler for 10 years and it was the talent 

portion of the pageants I was forced into......thanks mom!

6. When I turn 40 I will go back to school to become a midwife, 

if I'm not too bitter by then. 

7. Even though we are in our late 20's and 30's my sisters and

I still lay in bed on christmas eve and wait for santa! and he 

still comes!

I'd like to pass this award on to:

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Thanks to all of you for having such wonderful, honest and 

thoughtful blogs! I hope you enjoy your award!

Here are the rules that accompany this esteemed honor:

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  1. Read your comments that you left for Megan regarding her infertility/blame your mom post (LOL...only not really that funny!).

    Your comment touched me.

    I agree that feminism is a wonderful thing...I am also forever grateful to the women of the 70s and 80s for the sacrifices they made so that women graduation in the early 90s (me) and beyond have CHOICES! But, I TOTALLY agree with you that there must must be some sort of balance.

    I don't know what it is, how how one goes about achieving it, or even where to find those answers, but I do know that so many of my friends (we turned 40 in 2009) are all in the same boat...IVF mommies, adoptive mommies, mommies of only 1 miracle, or accepting the alternative of child-free living. Definitely not the life most of us had envisioned for ourselves.

    Good luck to you on this IF journey!!!

    I will share with you (as I'm sure you've heard countless stories in your occupation as a doula) that I am an IVF mom and THEN a bonus baby mom. We had 4 losses before IVF, a successful IVF cycle at 34 and then a bonus baby at 37. Unfortunately, we had a miscarriage a year ago at 39, but it was a good sign that I could still get pregnant. Loss was attributed to a probable monosomy or trisomy defect. :( Life goes on.

  2. You know, I always was interested in becoming a midwife, but I feel like infertility has changed that to just a pipe dream. I just don't think I could devote my time to delivering babies when I can't get pregnant myself...

    Thanks for the award!

  3. I'm proud you followed all the rules and gave such awesome answers chica :-)