Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Happy Birthday HSG!

Yesterday was my 31st birthday, and I just wasn't "feelin' it"
usually I am a big believer in birthday parties with balloons, cake,
and the whole mess, but not this year. I can't really put my finger
on why I felt this way, but It really just did NOT feel like a birthday. 

I think it all started when I woke up with a pounding sinus headache,
then instead of sitting down with a nice cup of birthday coffee, sat down
to a big steaming cup of the worst tasting herbs ever! Really, they are
disgusting, I can't even describe it in a way that would do it justice. 
So after choking down the herbs I had to take my antibiotics, drink 
5 glasses of water and head to the clinic for a full bladder ultrasound. 

Then it was time for work, which I love...most of the time, I really 
should have known better then to teach back to back pre/postnatal 
fitness classes on my 31st birthday after a trip to the fertility clinic. 
The first class I teach is full of newborns so it's hard to stay too grumpy 
for too long cause they are so FREAKIN cute, but somedays it's hard 
not to bursting into tears and run out of the room. The prenatal class 
is usually a bit easier because the baby cuteness is hidden behind a big 
pregnant belly, but I could still end up crying most days, depending on 
my mood. They did bring me some fudge as a b-day gift, so again....hard 
to be grumpy for too long.

Things did get better after I got home from work though, my husband 
had dinner ready for us and there was a BIG bouquet of flowers on the 
table. So sweet he is, but despite his best efforts, I still wasn't feeling it. 
I guess with the events of the day and the looming HSG, I just couldn't 
get into it. I requested a Birthday "Do over" for the weekend and hubby

This morning was my HSG, it wasn't so bad, it hurt a lot but only 
for a few minutes and wasn't any worse then my period. I would 
like to send a shout out to all of you who told me to take 2 advil 
before the procedure, I think it really helped. Blogging is good :)
While I was there I asked the Dr. If she had seen the water get
through my fallopian tubes, she said everything was perfect....I got 
the "best tube" award for the day. It was still only early but, I'll
take what I can get, the "best tube" award is a very good belated
b-day present.


  1. congrats on the HSG results. That is really really great news.

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy birthday sweetie! I'm glad you had a good HSG!

  3. Happy birthday! I had the same kind of birthday as you a couple weeks ago. Kind of blah. A do over is in order for sure!

    I have to hand it to you for doing what you do everyday. I don't think too many women with fertlity problems would handle that with the grace you do. Karma will reward you. I'm sure of it!

    Congrats on the HSG! That is great news. I didn't find mine too painful either.

    Have a great birthday weekend!

  4. Yay for "best tube award" and Happy belated birthday. Hope your do over birthday is better than the original :-)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry you had an HSG on what should be a fun day :(. I hope you have a great do-over this weekend!

    Those herbs are something else, huh? Really, really foul...

  6. Happy birthday! I am sorry it wasn't so great. =( I seriously am in awe of how you can be around newborns and pregnant women all day. I would fall apart immediately. I am so glad to hear your tubes are open!! That is fantastic news!