Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mucus Monster

My sister asked me today how my cervical mucus was this month, 
I let her know that it was great, in fact, there was so much that I felt 
like a Mucus Monster. She loved my new name so much that she 
demanded I use it for the title of my next post. So there it is, I'm a 
Mucus Monster, not really a nick name I want to stick, but I'm pretty 
proud of myself. 

I drank the herb teas all month, I did yoga, accupunture, chiropractic 
work, and it looks like all this hard work may have paid off in mucus,
lots and lotsa mucus! At first when the instructions for my treatment 
told me to switch teas at "peak" cervical mucus I thought "I will never 
know when to switch teas, I never see mucus!!" I was actually really
worried, I mean, I have heard of this magical mucus but have 
only seen it a few times. This month I had 4 days or really lovely, 
wonderful mucus. Thank you teas!!! 

Its now CD17, according to my tests and temperatures I ovulated 
today! so far all is going well, I even felt like the little smily face on my 
OPK test smiled a little brighter this month. I guess you can say I am 
feeling optimistic about this cycle, as always, but at least this month I 
have seen some improvements in my temperatures and cervical mucus. 

I said the word mucus 9 times in this little post :)


  1. Go Mucus Monster!! Keeping my fingers crossed that this is your month :)

  2. Mucus is very exciting when TTC! I'm glad that if you had to endure the awful brews at least you are getting something good out of it! I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Haha, gotta love posts centered around mucus! That is next on my list to address with my ND, since I have next to none...
    Congrats on a good ovulation!

  4. Yay for mucus?

    Better to have gobs of cervical mucus than have it come from other places. I know I've had colds where I've felt like a mucus monster, and not in a good way.

  5. OMG how awesome!!! I never had normal mucus either so I am totally jealous. So fantastic!! I would be freaking out with excitement, too ... it has to mean only good things for your fertility. Really happy for you.

  6. Kinda odd to say it but GO MUCUS!!

  7. glad those nasty herbs are finally paying off.
    Horray for the big M!

  8. Mucus monster you crack me up!!!!!