Monday, November 9, 2009

My Birthday - Part 2

I had my birthday do-over on the weekend, it was LOVELY. 
My husband made me a wonderful breakfast with hash-browns, 
beans, eggs, toast, sausage AND coffee, mmmmmmmmm!
Then I dragged my full belly  up to my favorite yoga class, this was the 
first time In a long time that I did a whole yoga class without thinking 
of the fertility benefits, I just did the class and enjoyed it! At one point 
I wanted to run up to the front of the room and hug the teacher for such 
a wonderful class. 

My husband picked me up after class (my efforts to get him to TRY the 
class had gone to waste) and as a surprise he bought me a 5 class pass!
Now I can go to the class for 5 more saturdays, my birthday will live 
on :) 

After yoga was the clay cafe, where you go to pick up a piece of 
pottery and paint it however you like. My hubby finished his mug in 
about 20min and was ready to go, but over 2 hours later I was still 
working on mine. The store actually closed and I was yet to finish my
plate. I will be picking his fired piece next week, but I will have to go 
in again to finish mine....I will send pics!

Next stop was McD's for my yearly Big Mac....totally worth the wait, 
man I love me a Big Mac! mmmmm, and the fries aren't so bad either. 
I would go more then once a year, but I have a slightly addictive 
personality, and if I let myself I would eat there everyday. There was
even a time when I did....the results were NOT pretty!

Overall it was an awesome day, if only EVERY day was a day I could do 
exactly what I wanted. What a wonderful world it would be...for me!
I hardly ever thought about my infertility issues, well maybe once
when there were a bunch of kids at the clay store and one little boy 
invited me to his birthday party.

Now it's monday and I'm back to the grind, I'm writing this blog to
avoid folding the laundry and getting ready for work. My cell phone is 
sitting right next to me in case I get "the call" I've got 2 woman due this 
week, and one of them is doing everything they can to get baby movin'.
I'm also dreaming up what we could possibly have for supper, I got 
the groceries, but for some reason there is nothing to eat. I'm drinking
a yucky herb tea, doing some paper work and answering some backed
up e-mails. Yup, back to the grind.....bye bye birthday, see you next
year.....but I gotta tell you, I DON'T know what I will do if my next 
birthday comes and there is still no baby!


  1. Yay for the do-over! Glad you had the perfect day. I'm dragging today too. (Being gone for 2 weeks REALLY makes today a drag! LOL!)

  2. I am so glad your re-do birthday was so nice! You deserved it! I laughed when you mentioned the BigMac ... I have a weakness for McD's chicken nuggets with honey. I once wallowed in them for 3 days in a row after getting a BFN. I don't let myself eat them very often either. =)

    The yoga class pass was such a sweet gift from your DH. Looking forward to seeing a pic of your painted plate!

  3. Mr. JB steadfastedly refuses to do classes in public although he'll do a couple of restorative poses when he's ailing.

    Sounds like a great birthday! Yay for do-overs!