Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today is the last day for the meditation challenge, I have to admit 
though that I did not complete my mission. I tried my very best
and managed to meditate for MOST of the month but there were a few
days that I just did not have it in me. There was the emotional break
down that I had somewhere in the middle of the month, the day that 
I was just to angry, and the three 20+ hour births I attended (I was 
not brave enough to hide in the waiting room to meditate). Other then 
that I think I did a good job, I feel really good about it and hope to 
continue!! I am not sure yet if the meditation has helped with my cycle
but I feel more clear headed and have been able to get more work
done during the day. 

Did anyone out there meditate for the full 30days? If so, please let 
me know, I promised you a prize and I would like to stick to my word!
I searched all month for the perfect prize too, and I think I found it!!


  1. I'm proud of you for even coming close to 30 straight days! I knew I wouldn't be able to even try, with being out of town for so long.
    Congrats :).

  2. Woo hoo!!! I did it!!! It wasn't easy, I have to say. And I figured that by now, I would be able to sit there for 10 minutes and have no thoughts, and my mind would shut off... Nope! But it's nice to take the time and do it for myself. I've done it usually in the morning, but if I can't get it done then, I'll take a moment during the day, or at night. And I fully intend on continuing!!! Thanks, Tishi, for inspiring me in such an amazing way!!!!

  3. What a great accomplishment. It must do wonders for your body and soul. I really should get on the meditation train. I think it would help. Maybe next month.

  4. I was meditating every night until last week! I totally fell off the wagon! I am still taking time before my yoga practice to lie in savasana to decompress when usually I socialize with my yoga friends in the lobby! Meditating is hard work, especially when one is wiped out after teaching 21 6 year olds!