Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Disney Store

Today Hubby and I went to the Disney Store to buy our Niece a Princess 
and the Frog gift for her 6th birthday. While navigating our way through 
the princess toys we somehow found ourselves in the "baby" section. 
It was here that I found this:

A sweet little Finding Nemo sleeper, and as soon as I saw it I broke into 
tears. Just the very thought that I may never have a reason to take this
item home was enough to elicit a public display of craziness. I really 
did TRY to hold back the tears but I guess when you hold "stuff" in 
long enough it's bound to come back up, and perhaps in a very 
inappropriate place. The good news is, I don't think anyone but 
my hubby noticed......The bad news is, he thinks I have finally gone off
the deep end.


  1. I totally get it! The thought alone makes me tear up. You will get to buy that one day, just follow the motto from the movie...

    "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"

    Thinking of you Tishi!

  2. Thinking of you - those moments that surprise you are the worst!

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  4. sorry, i made some typo error on the last post had to delete it!

    Just wanted to say I totally understand how you feel! Don't worry you are not alone in this journey that we are on...take care of yourself! sending you lots of big hugs!

  5. Oh Tishi, Its The Littlest Things That Make Us Breakdown Sometimes. Your Not Alone. Sending Hugs Your Way.

  6. The expected big stuff can be easier to deal with than those sneaky little things that come in under the radar.


  7. It's funny how I'll think I have my stuff together and then something that I think I can handle comes along and makes me realize how tentative the "together" thing is.

    That super cute onesie just kills me. How I want one of those.

  8. You have not at all gone off the deep end, and I've totally cried over little reminders before too, so you're not alone.
    My husband didn't really get the pain for the first 3 years, but, the good news is that after 3 years, he started to get it to the point where the last year I stopped having to explain myself - not sure if that helps or not - but someday your husband may be crying over the same thing.

  9. I remember when I first saw Monsters Inc. That was waaaay before babies were even on the menu -- let alone the guy I eventually wanted to have them with -- and I was so upset by the sweet little girl in the film, because I knew that's exactly what my own daughter would look like, if I was ever lucky enough to have one. In other words, I was upset and I had NO reason to be because as far as I knew back then, I could get pregnant at any time of the month, even if I used twelve different kinds of contraception, because it's, you know, just that easy. All that to say .. if you're crazayzay, you're in great company. :-)

    P.S. Oh, and don't even get my started about UP. That movie was a punch to the gut. The part of the gut where hope lives.

  10. Ugh, those moments are tough, right? You're just walking through a store, minding your own business and WHAM! In-your-face cute baby stuff to make you horribly sad :(. It does suck.

  11. I'm so sorry--that is just so hard. HUGS.