Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comments That Cut Right Through!!

Here are 2 comments I heard today from friends who know about
our situation:

"I'm getting the snip snip next week, can't have any more "oopsies"
and knowing our luck......"

"If someone even SAYS the word sperm I get pregnant"

My tongue is raw from biting it!!

I also received a baby shower invite...It must be my lucky day!!!
I will have to spend the next few days thinking about how I will 
respond. This particular couple is on my Hubby's side and got married 
in August. I generally really like baby showers, I have thrown about 
20 of them, but to be honest I am SO over it. 

Of course you all know the feelings that surround a baby shower invite, 
it kills me that I can't seem to be happy for others. I sometimes have
thoughts that because I have turned my back on so many fertile 
friends that when it IS my time to have a baby, there will be no one left
to be happy for me. Why should they be? After all, I wasn't happy 
for them.


  1. *hugs* Uggg, those comments are soo insensitive! I have heard "If my husband even looks at me I get pregnant" one too many times!

    I think it's totally understandable to not have to put yourself in a baby shower situation, and I think true friends and people who really love you will understand that *hugs* Hang in there sweetie

  2. People are stupid. Knowing that doesn't make dealing with the stupid any easier though. I'm sorry.

    As for the shower, plead a prior engagement (they don't have to know it's with your couch, a tub of ice cream and a box of tissues), and send a cute little thing (or a gift card, gift cards are always good).

  3. Super big hugs--those comments are awful. And I feel the same way about if I ever DO have a need for a baby shower, well, who might come??

  4. I hate those comments too, it feels like salt being poured in a wound. So frustrating!! They will be happy for you though, they know your struggles and how hard your journey has been. And if they aren't happy for you, then we will be!! We are all here cheering for you!

  5. I hate those comments and am no longer in the tongue biting club I'm in the "stop bragging about it I really don't want to hear" club. I was nevre like that, but, after 5 years I just can't bite my tongue anymore.
    Re - baby shower - safe yourself, you don't ahve to go, I've gone to 1 in my life and that was 1 too many (i despise baby showers).
    They will still be happy for you when it's your time, everyone is happy for me and I've not gone to any of their showers (I'm also not having one thrown for me either).

  6. Stupid people - why do they even talk? So frustrating, I'm sorry!

    I wouldn't go to the baby shower, just make a good excuse. Hang in there!!!

  7. Don't go!!!! You can send a gift, but you don't have to put yourself in a situation that will make you feel bad.

    Fertile people suck.

  8. yeah, I agree don't go, fertile people always think because they are able to have babies that they feel they are above us..ignore them and i know it is not easy but try too at least. I was recently at a baby shower for my co-worker well at few months ago and the next thing i heard was from my boss to me and this other guy who got married the same time as i when is it your turn?.. it is like we live in a society that people expect you to do certain things in a certain order, if you are dating..when are you getting married, if you are married when are you having a kid...gosh, if only i can just snap my finger and get pregnant tomorrow!

  9. Ouch. I hate the accidents/oopsies comments. Every year that passes without us becoming parents makes me realize even more and more what a blessing children are. It always makes me so sad to hear of people avoiding them like the plague, or not being happy to be blessed with uber-fertility. So not fair.