Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fertility Yoga

Ok, it's time to move forward, just a little bit. For the last year I have 
been reading, studding, researching everything Fertility Yoga related.
I even found myself a woman who has been teaching Fertility Yoga at
a Fertility Clinic here in the city with great success, she has been 
helping me with my research/traning. But now I think it's time to 
move forward, start applying what I know, I've been teaching yoga 
long enough to know how each pose effects the body, how breathing
and relaxation can bring the body's hormones back into balance and 
I also know a lot about cycles, I mean, what woman TTC doesn't? AF approaches I have decided to put all this research into 
action. On the first day of my next period I will begin to apply the 
Fertility Yoga Program I've designed to my OWN cycle. Each day 
I will meditate for 10min, I will also do yoga poses appropriate for 
each stage of my cycle and ones that promote fertility. This program
must work for me first, before I decide its time to teach it to a 
classroom of ladies. Do I expect to get pregnant from these sessions?
no, but I hope to start alleviating some of my PMS symptoms and 
bring a bit more health to my body. 

Now I don't know if anyone reading this blog meditates, or has tried
to meditate but 10min of meditation each day can do wonders for your
body but it is SO HARD TO DO. There always seems to be something 
more important to do, something more exciting or urgent, but this 
month, it will be my priority. If anyone would like to join me for
this meditation marathon I would love the support. 

All you need to do is get up 10 min early, put on a pot of your favorite 
tea, sit crossed legged on a pillow or blanket with your spine straight 
and set a timer for 5 or 10 min.  Now Focus on ONE THING while all 
other thoughts just kinda swim back and forth without taking your full 
attention. You can focus on your breath or an affirmation, if thoughts 
come into the for ground just name them (work, friends, pregnant 
woman in the grocery store) and focus again on the breath. 

I am writing the "problem" area's of my cycle here for reference, I will
look back on this at the end of each cycle to see if anything has changed
(I will be taking no herbs or medication as I work through these cycles):

1. Short Luteal Phase
2. Small amount or no Cervical Mucus
4. irritability before AF
5. strong emotional instability (that's putting it lightly) before AF
6. Sore Breasts at different stages in my cycle
7. Spotting 
8. Under-active Thyroid, Low Temperatures

My goal is to help some of those problems with some relaxation and 
yoga. I know it sounds a little "granola" but the research is out there, 
relaxing tense muscles and allowing blood flow back into our lady bits 
can only help, plus, how could you NOT benefit from some R&R?


  1. That is awesome! Good luck with the yoga. I am going to look more into it!

  2. Oh I love this!!! I will join you for the 10 minutes of meditation. I have known for a long time I need to do it...but never do. My Yoga teacher keeps reminding us how important it is. She says its even more important than the yoga, in a way.!!!! i love that your making a list of symptoms each cycle...your list could be mine!! I cannot believe how similar we are. Although since I started acupuncture & TCM, my cramps are dissipating and my breats no longer hurt and I am starting to get more fertile CM.

  3. I love this! You're so in control of your body - very cool. I will join you in the meditation. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, so it's as good as a time as any!

    Also, I just noticed the books on your virtual bookshelf - I loved The Help! It's one of those that just stuck in my head for a long time - enjoy!

  4. I recommend listening to Ty Burhoe's CD titled "Invocation" while meditating. I drift to far away places sporadically during this mix of wonderfulness.

  5. I can't wait to hear how the fertility yoga goes throughout your cycle. I love the idea of different poses for different parts of your cycle. I really want to take your challenge of meditating for 10 minutes a day. I didn't do so well with my deep breathing exercises, but I have more free time now, so maybe I can actually stick with this!

  6. Which asanas are you doing??? I'm so curious!!!