Friday, March 26, 2010


Today was an AMAZING DAY....I think! To me, it was the first time 
in a LONG time that I have felt at peace with myself and those around 
me. Today was the first day of the Yoga Conference, a weekend long 
conference of all things YOGA, which I love. Today was all about 
learning how to heal your body through the Chakra's. I listened to 
every sentence, word, syllable that came out of that teachers mouth, 
especially when she talked about the 2nd Chakra, the channel that 
governs fertility. Of course they all work together, but it was SO nice 
to hear that I could possibly heal MYSELF!! I remember I used to 
believe this, but after all the R.E. appointments and tests ext. I forgot 
that we have this type of power!

Of course I am not silly enough to think that I can fix everything by 
chanting VUMMMM all day long when there is a medical reason for 
our issues, but I believe it can help. Everything just seemed to become
so clear the more she talked, of course blockages can come up in your
body when you ignore somethings and focus on others! One thing I 
found of particular importance is that this Chakra relies heavily on 
community, and in our society community has all but been lost. This
could be the reason for the growing number of menstrual/fertility 
issues. Perhaps this is why we have this urge to blog? I know myself
all of my family lives away, my friends too...I have very few close 
friends in this big city!

This chakra also needs creative arts to thrive, she suggested singing
making art ext. to feed this channel. She even suggested writing a 
love letter to yourself, which I can only see as being VERY hard, but
perhaps healing? Perhaps this will be my next post? If I am brave

Anyway, if you don't think I'm gullible enough yet, it gets worse. 
Immediately after this lecture I went RIGHT to the psychic that 
was down stairs at the conference trade show. I can never resist 
a psychic, especially when I'm feeling slightly optimistic. I probably 
should have quit while I was ahead though cause he really freaked 
me out. 

The very VERY first thing he said to me, before I even said my name 
was "why are you not a mother yet?".....................after about 15 min. 
of crying I finally answered "because I can't be one". He let me know
that I will be a mother and a really good mother, but the problem is
I will never feel complete until I am a mother. He said there may be
a breakthrough in our "treatment" by July and "good news" by 
November. One other freaky thing, he said I am a year passed the time 
I was meant to be a mother!

Now here is a secret, one that I have told NO ONE, only my hubby 
and I know. 2 Christmas's ago I was late for my period, I am 
never late, but there I was 2 weeks late, we thought for sure I was 
pregnant. When AF came It was heavier and more painful then 
ever, we have both always suspected a miscarriage but I never did 
follow up with a doctor. I really did not want to think/talk about it 
again, so I did not, not ever......until today. Perhaps I am one year 
passed the time I was meant to be a mother?

Ok, enough of that, I must just watch TV and veg. for the rest of the 
night. You will be happy to know though, that I will make lots of 
money in my lifetime ;)


  1. Wow, that blows my mind! I am truly sorry to hear about your suspected miscarriage :(. My doctor told me once that a lot of women have miscarriages and never ever notice, but of course when you're TTC you notice every single day that your period doesn't come. How crazy that they psychic told you that you were supposed to be a mother already. Freaky. I really hope he's right about a "breakthrough" and "good news".
    Let's do some math - you could get a bfp in July and get the gender scan by November, right? Ha, wouldn't that be lovely? I hope that's exactly what he meant for you :).

  2. You're not gullible! It's awesome of have hope and just hang on to it!

  3. The Yoga Conference was awesome (although all I did was shop today!).

  4. Interesting point about communities and fertility. Certainly one of the reasons I felt compelled to blog - I wanted to be told stories about every permutation of fertility if only to see where I fitted in and whether my stories might help someone else to do the same.