Monday, March 22, 2010

Second Opinion

DH and I went to an introductory session at a  Catholic Family Center 
to learn more about NaPro Technology. I had been really excited to 
visit the center as I had heard so much about it, but I think I may have 
made a mistake by attending the introductory session. I spent nearly
an hour an a half learning how to "chart" my cycle, as if I hadn't been 
doing that for the last 2 years!

The session was geared towards those who were trying to have a baby
and those who are also trying to not get pregnant. Clearly this was
not a session for those who have been trying for quite a while. After 
hearing how EASY it is to get pregnant for the 20th time I decided 
to tune out and go to my happy place. I found this session nothing but
frustrating and I am really wondering whether or not this was the 
right place for us. 

We both really want a second opinion from someone, ANYONE that
will not push IVF on us, and we really thought this was it, as they do
not believe in IVF. I am going to think about a follow up session with 
a NaPro practitioner, perhaps we will feel better talking to them 
on a one on one basis. On the plus side my DH learned a lot about 
cervical mucus and the importance of charting. Ever since our R.E.
told him that charting was useless he thought I was wasting my time, 
but he thinks its great now!

In other news, I have been sticking with my new years resolutions 
and going to spin 3 times a week (I know my resolution was 4 times, 
but I'm doing my best). Is it bad that during "hill climbs" I can go 
faster if I picture myself passing groups of pregnant woman?


  1. I definitely think that seeing a practitioner one on one will help. I can totally see where you saw all of the success rates being depressing whereas Mr. JB and I were totally pumped since we had been told that there was nothing wrong with me besides "unexplained infertility."

    I can only tell you fantastic things about my experiences with Napro. The process takes a lot longer, but it's with your whole body health in mind, not just getting your pg.


  2. OK I laughed out loud at "On the plus side my DH learned a lot about cervical mucus"--that really is too funny.
    I am not familiar with NaPro and obviously was an IVF queen, but not after trying a billion other things first. I hope it is just the ticket for you!

  3. Our RE told me charting was a complete waste of time so annoyed me. I asked how else would I know when I am ovulating early...because if you follow the rules of the OPK's, I would never get a positive and think I am not ovulating because I ovulate very early some months.

    Glad you gained something from it (or DH) and it sounds like a one on one appointment might be more fitting for you. Good luck!

  4. I had not heard of NaPro, but speaking directly with a practitioner regarding your exact situation seems like it would be much more helpful than a general information session like the one you endured.

    As far as your RE - he sounds like a royal douche to say something like that. IMHO (not that you need my approval) you are well rid of him!

    Finally, good for you for keeping to the spirit of your resolution - 3x seems more realistic to me anyway. As for passing pregnant women, it's not that hard to go faster than one or a group walking, so picture away. :)

  5. I can't stand doctors who don't think charting holds any value! They don't expect to need to know much about your natural cycle though, because everything they do will bypass that really, it makes perfect sense.
    I think you'd benefit a lot from a one-on-one session. I can't imagine sitting through an intro like you did, and hearing them tell you over and over again how easy it is to get pregnant?! Ugh.
    Glad your DH learned something, though :).

  6. Never heard of NaPro Technology, hope you find what you're looking for!
    LOL, I'd be motivated to move faster if envisioning passing pregnant bellies too :)

  7. I love the picture of you biking like crazy, passing the pregos! Whatever gets you going! And I agree with the previous posters - you should definitely make an appointment for a one-on-one with the NaPro practictioner.

  8. for sure go see the practitioner, that way they can diagnose any issues and work with you to get you knocked up!

  9. I agree with those who say that passing pregnant women isn't much of a workout ... I think I was averaging about 0.5 km/hour toward the end. But I'm *thrilled* that your DH is now onboard with the stuff your RE so ignorantly poo-poo'd. I'm still pretty sure that it was the Clomid that tipped the scales, but I'm 100% sure that we'd never have gotten pregnant without charting, since it turns out I almost always O on CD 12!

    -- J

  10. Napro diagnosed my "unexplained IF" after 3 years of IF, it straightened out my hormones after surgery by charting, we conceived 8 months after surgery. For me Napro is the KEY in our infertility.

    I would say that going to a one on one session with Napro with a practitioner will be more tailored to what you need and not so broad in a classroom setting.

    I love my practitioner, love, love, love her. She is now one of my BFF's. :) She has helped me become a healthier me in 1.5 years. That is how long I have been with Napro and they discovered Stage IV Endo, double bowel resection, wonky hormones, luteal phase defect, not making enough mucus (just about zero), working on my mirgraines, miracle HCG support post peak....I can tell you EXACTLY when I go from fertile to non-fertile time, I have control to chart my own cycles and know what is going on.....

    Give it one more shot....I know you will not be disappointed..... ;)

    RE's are like drug dealers to me! ;) hahahah

  11. Oh and it was also my practitioner that did an ultra sound of my goiter and a few months later we found out it was thyroid cancer. She literally is my fertiliy angel! ;)

  12. wow, thanks everyone for the encouragement!!

    ALso, the pregnant woman on the bikes are fast....very fast in my visualization :)