Friday, April 9, 2010

Yoga Poses for AF Part 2 - and breaking news!!

First the breaking news, Hubby turned to me last night while we were
sittin' on the couch and said "Is there any of that energy, woo hoo, yoga, 
acupuncture stuff I should be doing to help us out?". 

ummmmmmmmmmm......what????? excuse me? did he say what I 
thought he said??? YES HE DID

I tried to stay calm and simply replied "well, if your comfortable with it
I have heard wonderful things about sperm count and acupuncture, 
but I've also heard good things about yoga as well". The conversation
ended there, but in the morning instead of doing his usual weight work
out, he did one of my Yoga Videos!!!! YEAH HUBBY!!

Ok, now on to the yoga, AF is still here so my yoga session was very 
much the same. My cramps were a bit better so I decided to add some 
more movements that were still gentle but not restorative. Here is 
what I added:

I started my session off again with 10min of Meditation and moved
into cow/cat, which you see here, I would go from cow to cat then 
move back into child's pose. When I had done I few rounds I rested
in childspose for 5min with my bolster under my upper body.
Then I moved back up to hands and knees for some hip 
rotations to bring circulation to my pelvis and open up the 
hips. I did a few on each side, just going with how I felt. 
Next I tucked my toes under and sat back on my heels, this can be 
QUITE intense so I can't really sit all the way back, I have to breath 
to get through it. As far as the arms go, I did not do what this woman
is doing, I just interlaced my hands behind my back to open 
my chest. 
When these exercises were done I moved back into the rest
off with a shavasana. Overall it was about 40min, but I felt really
great for the rest of the day!!


  1. Thanks for showing us these amazing poses - I will definitely use them in this upcoming cycle.

    And that is so incredibly awesome about your hubby's question - he's opening up, and wanting to help! That's so very cool!!!!

  2. I imagine it was hard to stay calm when you really wanted to jump up and down...good for your hubby!

  3. Yay for hubs getting with the program more. That's always a plus!

  4. Great! I will try these yoga poses/meditation for my upcoming 3rd IUI month...hopefully this will help me relax and feel better about myself!