Monday, April 5, 2010

MEDITATION CHALLENGE .......and an apple

The Meditation Challenge starts tomorrow!!! 10 min. of Meditation for 
the next 30 days. There are a few of you interested in taking on this 
challenge, and I am so excited to see how this helps in our lives. 
Please let me know of your progress and if on day 30 (May 5th)
you did all 30 days, and I will send you your prize!!! 

On another note, my hubby and I had been fasting for a week, on the
request of my MIL. Then, Just before Easter dinner she presented us
with apple pieces she had blessed by her church. She believes the 
combination of fasting and consumption of blessed apples will make
us fertile!!! Like I said before.........I'll try anything!! 

Hubby now says that If I get pregnant anytime in the near future I will 
have to name the baby Apple (hey, maybe thats what happened 
with Gwyneth?).


  1. Wow, I've never heard about the blessed apples. Now I want one! Oh, and you could always name your child Gala or Fuji or Delicious :).

  2. We could all use some blessed apples and daily meditation :)

    If it works and you are forced to name your child Apple, let's just hope it's a girl.

  3. Is it okay if I pump and meditate? I pump now for several hours each day and I ahve been reading while pumping - so I can meditate instead?

  4. Thanks so much for your advice on meditation! I am happy to report that I meditated for 10 minutes this morning, and it was so much easier! I didn't get upset at the crazy thoughts, and I only got completely distracted and forgot what I was doing a couple of times... I think it helps that I was visualizing good coming in with the breath in and bad going out with the breath out. I read that somewhere once, and it totally works! Thanks for the inspiration!!!