Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yoga Poses for AF

AF came today, she was kinda shy at first, just kinda knockin' on my 
door and then hiding when I came to open the door for her. Last night
she finally decided to hang up her coat and stay for a while, but now 
that she is here I'm not so keen on her. She is much more annoying 
then I remembered, this month she really wanted to make her 
presence known and decided to keep me up all night! Really though, 
last night was brutal, instead of the dull all over feeling I usually get, 
it was a sharp, relentless feeling of near death. The only thing I could 
do was to sit on the edge of the bed, for hours. 

Hubby of course was shocked by AF's visit, he once again thought 
FOR SURE that this was the month. I think his head space is kinda
where mine was a year ago. I am really no longer puzzled by her
appearance, I have decided to welcome her and treat her well for 
the days she is here. (who knows, maybe this will piss her off enough 
to stay away, for say...10months?)

I got up this morning to do my 10min. of meditation and I moved 
right into a yoga sequence that I put together in hopes to alleviate
some of the pain and relax a bit. As promised I have listed the 
poses I did below. It really did help, I played some nice music, 
meditated before the session and did a long shavasana after. I still 
have cramps, but they are better and not as "emotional" 
(if that makes sense). I don't have all the equipment in these pictures
(I took those off the net) I used a couple bolsters and some pillows/
blankets from around the house. 

This pose relieves cramps, I like to put an eye pillow over my eyes so 
I can zone out. 
This pose is great to calm my brain and the bolster in my belly helps cramps,
I put a bag of rice on my low back, 'cause it feels good!
This helps to open hips and circulate blood into the pelvis. 
This pose is good for lower back pain and cramps. I find that I like 
the "opening" aspect of this pose if I stand up and do 1/2 moon instead.
I find this really relieves cramping, but it take a bit more work. 
This is a good counter pose for the above forward folds. Its good for 
regulating hormones and can help to slow a heavy menstrual flow. I
did another child's pose after this, cause my back felt like it needed it. 

So there  it is, my yoga poses for today. I will probably continue these
poses until AF goes on her way. It is going to be hard for me to do 
only these poses (or variations of them) as I prefer to do a vigorous
yoga class. I promised myself though that I will only do yoga that is 
appropriate for my cycles for a while, and what is appropriate during
AF is relaxation. Its a time for cleansing, nourishing and restoring
so I can start a fresh new cycle :)


  1. Supta baddha konasana is my FAVOURITE pose!

    When I was in the hospital the last time I did A LOT of supported child poses. It was the only thing that gave me relief.

    I attended my first level 2 ashtanga class in AGES tonight! I'm exhausted, but I know that I'm going to sleep well!!

    p.s. So sorry that AF came. I'm so beyond being disappointed, but Mr. JB actually still gets disappointed. I don't get it!

    Off to meditate!

  2. These are awesome - thanks for sharing! That sucks that AF came - maybe next cycle!!!

    I would like the report that the meditating is going well - another 10 minutes this morning. I like to think of you rooting for me across the blogosphere...