Monday, January 18, 2010


This evening I received my 3rd pregnancy announcement in 
1 week, this time from a friend I have had for 20 years. She knows
about our struggles but STILL decided to let me know about 
her "happy news" over facebook! They just got married in August, 
and she's 3 months along, which means she probably tried one or 
two times. I have cried pretty consistently since that e-mail, and
now after a few glasses of wine I am seriously considering facebook 


  1. Sorry to hear about your inconsiderate friend :(
    Facebook can be such an awesome thing at times, and other times you wish you could set up some sort of filter on it. Like: Block pregnancy/kids related status updates and block u/s profile pictures.

    Big hugs to you!

  2. I hate facebook! For this very reason. UGH! I'm sorry you got blindsided by it.

  3. ((hugs))

    I hope 3rd times the charm and you don't get any "good news" like this for a while. Except for your own.

  4. I can't say it enough - FACEBOOK is the devil. And people who rely solely on facebook for communication....well, I'll never understand it.

    Sorry :(.

  5. Fbook sucks and do it, just quit it. I hate that place (I think it is WEIRD how many people go on and on and on about being pregnant). REally weird.
    I totally dropped off the fbook relam quite a while ago and it feels GREAT!

  6. I HATE FB announcements!!!! ARGH!!!!

    We need to get together with a FEW bottles of wine so we can drown our sorrows!


  7. I never joined facebook. All my friends think I'm being willfully anti-social (which I am), but hearing things like this just strengthens my resolve!

  8. Log on to facebook and post some rediculous announcement of your own. Something like, "guess what everyone...the lizard's on fire and my carpool is leaving." Just do it. You'll feel a ton better.

  9. Ugh. Did you know that you can hide content from individual posters so that you don't have to read anything they post? I've had to do that when something was rubbing me the wrong way but I didn't want to go through the drama of "defriending." Just hover over any post they've written and the word "Hide" will appear at right. Click it and embrace the void. And don't for a second feel badly about it!

  10. Circus princess is so right and lookingforaplussign just made me laugh out loud. I think we should all post exactly that message in solidarity.
    So sorry about the announcements. They suck - there's just no way to pretty it up

  11. I agree with Circus - we need to have some genius computer person come up with a filter for pregnancy and birth announcements. Surely, there is an app for that. You might appreciate this blog I wrote back in Dec related to this:

    3 in such a short time frame is such a blow. Feb will be a hard month for me. After what seems like a long time with no new births, I have at least 5 friends due within a 4 week period.

    Hang in there.

  12. Facebook announcements are the worse! I don't think I will use that as a place to dicuss my pregnancy when it happens. They should have a "I despise you" or 'Insensitive" button. Good lord. Why does it seem like everybody in the world is fertile?!

  13. I'm so sorry, oh, that is so rough! FB really is self-torture, I don't know why we put ourselves through it. I like what Kim said about statuses needing more appropriate buttons. I think "STFU!" or "la la la la, I can't hear you" would be great in these situations.