Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ina May Gaskin

Today I met the birth icon Ina May Gaskin. I never in my life thought I would ever 
get to meet this amazing woman....but I did....and I got my picture taken with her! For 
anyone who does not know who she is, she is America's leading midwife and has been 
working to bring birth back to women for most of her life. She is inspiring to me, 
and much of the reason why I became a Doula (and why many others do as well).

She was here for a weekend conference and I can NOT tell you how blessed I felt to 
have been in attendance as an expecting woman. I have read all her books and have
followed her career for years, but this was the first time I could listen to her speak 
and feel like I may actually be able to experience birth the way she talks about it. 

My hubby actually came to the event with me to learn how he could best assist me
though childbirth and to my surprise he actually enjoyed himself. He even took 
some notes (mental notes) about the way a baby should be treated right after the 
birth so he could be sure to talk to our midwife about it at our next appointment. 

I guess that is really all I have to say about the event. I adore Mrs. Ina May and if
your trying to get pregnant, or (fingers crossed) are pregnant I would highly 
recommend any of her books. The book she is most known for is 'Spiritual Midwifery'
but her newest (and the one I just got signed....eeeek!) is 'Birth Matters'.  I will 
probably finish it by morning. 


  1. How awesome, and at such a great time in your life!
    Also, I'm honored that you want to share the "ode of my body" - go right ahead :)

  2. I LOVE Ina May. Met her last year and had to really restrain myself from just hugging her to death. Thanks for reminding me to get her new book! My signed copy of Spiritual Midwifery is already tattered from overuse, haha.

  3. How exciting to meet her! I've read her books, too, and would love to see more of her ideas adopted in hospitals.

  4. What a wonderful experience, especially while pregnant!

  5. She is really cool! I found her very reassuring!

  6. Very cool, especially as an expectant Mom!

  7. See you tonight! enjoy the sunny day!

  8. Oh wow. I read Spiritual Midwifery early in my innocent TTC days. Thank you for the reminder to pick it up again now that I'm actually pregnant. I will also check out Birth Matters.