Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day........and Anatomy Scan Day!

I had NO idea today was St. Patty's Day until I was on my way to teach my Prenatal
Aquafit class and noticed the huge lineups of green clothed people waiting to get in the 
pubs. I had been so focused on the scan that I did not notice much of anything, I've had 
only one thought and it was seeing the babe. I am a HUGE fan of the holiday Im secretly
happy to know the little one had its scan on St. Patty's Day :) Double the fun!

The scan went really well, the ultrasound technician was SO nice (which is something new 
for me!). She showed me every little bit and piece of the baby and explained to me how/
why it looked perfect. I know I still have to wait for the radiologist to take a look, but I 
am feeling really confident right now. 

We could see very clearly the spine, hands, toes, a beating heart, everything except for the
the bits that say boy or girl. Hubby decided he didn't want to know, so I guess I can't really 
find out either. I toyed with the idea of having the tech tell me and I would keep it a secret, 
but I think that secret is FAR to big for me to keep. 

The baby moved quite a bit more then I could feel and it changed positions quite a lot 
during the scan. At first it was stretched right out but curled into a ball by the end of it, 
I don't think it liked the noise very much. The very best part of the scan was seeing the 
baby suck on its thumb, you could even see the jaw moving up and down. ADORABLE!

So things seem to be going as planned, Its been a very happy St. Patty's day for me and 
my hubby. Now I think I may spend a little bit of time photoshop-ing a leprechaun hat or 
a clover into babe's photo.....too much? 


  1. So glad you had a good ultrasound and the baby is looking perfect! It's a very lucky St. Patrick's day!

  2. Congrats on a great scan! What an adorable picture of your little one!

  3. A hat, my vote's for a leprechaun hat!!! Love the pic and that all's well in your world:)

  4. Super congrats! Seeing the movement is such an aded bonus to knowing all is good with your baby. Makes it feel so much more real and So cute!

  5. This is wonderful news! I'm so happy for you!!! And I couldn't keep a secret like that from my hubs either - no way!

  6. Great news on the scan!
    That would be way too huge of a secret to keep, definitely!

  7. yeah! I can't wait until my scan. That is such a lovely pic of the little one.

  8. I think that you should photoshop in a rainbow with your babe at the end of it-- even better than a pot of gold! So glad that everything is looking good!