Monday, November 29, 2010

ohhhh myyyyyy goooooddnessss!!!

It is positive, the blood work is positive!!! Right now, in this very moment I have
a bun in the oven. I can't really believe it, I really just don't know what to do with 
myself. I cried for a 1/2 hour straight, the ugly face kinda cry, then I called 
every midwife clinic in I'm just kinda sitting here stunned silent. 

I know I still need to do more blood work to make sure my beta rises but until
then I am going to continue to stay positive and be happy. Thank you all so much
for your support over the last 2 weeks waiting (and the last 2 years), I really 
can't wait to give you more good news on Thursday. 

P.S. If you know me personally and are reading this, please keep this husshhh 
hushhhhh for now. Hubby doesn't want me to tell anyone for 3 months....How
is that going to be possible?!??!?! 


I went for blood work this morning, I am now just waiting to hear the news
of my BFP (I hope!!!) 

I had a dream last night that I POAS and TWO lines came up, that has never 
happened to me before (in dreams or reality). My hubby had a dream that I 
had to take a row boat to the clinic, not sure what that means. 

soooo, I just I will just sit and wait for the news! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

longest 2 weeks waiting EVER!!!

I know I have already done the two weeks waiting thing 28 times already, but this 
one is a real doozie. This is the first time someone has actually given us hope, given 
us a chance, given us the possibility for a BFP. 

Not only has our doctor given us hope, but my friends are already treating me as if I 
am pregnant, my business partners are not letting me take clients for July/August just 
in case. Everyone around me is SO sure this IUI will work, and for a few days I really 
felt that way too. 

So what changed? reality I suppose, there is a very big possibility that I will go for 
this blood test on monday and hear bad news. That I will have to tell all my friends
and business partners that this didn't work, that I can take all the clients they can 
give me in July/August.

I really want to be more hopeful, god knows I'm trying, but I'm so scared to start 
talking to these little beings only to find I've been talking to myself. I want to act as if 
the IUI has worked, to go about my day knowing that I am carrying life, but I am 
afraid of what the consequences of that may be. 

4 more days until the test, I promise until then I will continue to relax, listen to my 
guided meditation CD, do yoga, eat well, take my prenatals, and believe in the 
possibility, It's just a little hard sometimes!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Was the psychic right???

As I was commenting on a Year of Trying blog I totally remembered a visit to a psychic 
back in March. In fact I even blogged about it all here (it starts in the 4th paragraph).  I 
can NOT believe that I forgot this, but he told me that I would find a breakthrough in my treatment in July (when I met Dr. Love) and that I would be hearing good news in 
November (My pregnancy test is scheduled for Nov. 29th). Could he have been right? 


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy IUI day!!

Today was the IUI, I don't know why I am so excited, but I am. Everything went better 
then expected in my opinion. My follies were growing nicely and just before the shot of 
Ovidrel Dr. Love said I could have 3 heathy eggs during ovulation (yeah me!). 

We had a different doctor during the procedure as Dr. Love was in surgery, but I 
really liked him and he was super Friendly. When Dr. Friendly walked in with my hubby's 
sample he looked at us with a tiny bit of a disspointed look "Well, only 12 million in this 
sample, lower then we like to have with IUI". I think he was very shocked to see that 
we began celebrating when confronted with the "bad" news. We were all smiles and
giggles after that, Hubby's count has gone from 8 million to 12 million.........4 million 
more swimmers for our IUI. I guess the clean living and acupuncture has finally paid off!

The procedure itself went well I think, it hurt a little but not nearly as much as the 
HSG, and that is what I was expecting. I did just fine breathing deeply and before I 
knew it Dr. Friendly was wishing us luck and leaving us to lay on the bed for 10 min. 
I was a bit sad that it was only 10 min. so I rushed home and put my legs up the wall 
and listened to a relaxation CD for 20 more min. 

Anyway, thats my big news today, I am clearly optimistic but thats ok, I do know this 
can go either way. I am just going to enjoy the thought of possibly being pregnant for a
while, Now if you will excuse me, I must start the suppositories! eek! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Have I Told You Lately........

I just have to tell you all that I am SO grateful to have you in my life. I really 
was worried about the Gonal-F mix up last night but your comments really helped
calmed me down. Tonight hubby and I did our second injection, it was flawless!!

Thank you all SO MUCH!

P.S. Tomorrow is day 9, I am doing fine on the medication, no real side effects
except really a dry mouth (which is not listed as a side effect in any of the reading
that I have done). On day 7 I met with Dr. Love, he was very impressed with my 
lining, he said "it was amazing already!"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gonal-F HELP


I am doing an IUI cycle this month and today was my first day with the Gonal-F
injection. I was worried to do it on my own so I had my husband do it. He did everything
very well except.........he panicked when he injected me (he thought it hurt me) and 
he pulled it out before waiting for the required 5 sec. We definitely heard the click of
the pen, he did it twice to be sure, but then he pulled it out, MAYBE it was in for 
about 2 seconds. 

What happens now? does this mean I did not get the correct dose? does it mean 
there is extra medication still in the pen and tomorrow I will end up double dosing
myself? Any help I could get would be great!

On the lighter side, I caught the whole thing on video, perhaps one day when I'm 
not freaking out I will post it. Its pretty funny to see the looks on our face when we 
realize we didn't count to 5.