Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy IUI day!!

Today was the IUI, I don't know why I am so excited, but I am. Everything went better 
then expected in my opinion. My follies were growing nicely and just before the shot of 
Ovidrel Dr. Love said I could have 3 heathy eggs during ovulation (yeah me!). 

We had a different doctor during the procedure as Dr. Love was in surgery, but I 
really liked him and he was super Friendly. When Dr. Friendly walked in with my hubby's 
sample he looked at us with a tiny bit of a disspointed look "Well, only 12 million in this 
sample, lower then we like to have with IUI". I think he was very shocked to see that 
we began celebrating when confronted with the "bad" news. We were all smiles and
giggles after that, Hubby's count has gone from 8 million to 12 million.........4 million 
more swimmers for our IUI. I guess the clean living and acupuncture has finally paid off!

The procedure itself went well I think, it hurt a little but not nearly as much as the 
HSG, and that is what I was expecting. I did just fine breathing deeply and before I 
knew it Dr. Friendly was wishing us luck and leaving us to lay on the bed for 10 min. 
I was a bit sad that it was only 10 min. so I rushed home and put my legs up the wall 
and listened to a relaxation CD for 20 more min. 

Anyway, thats my big news today, I am clearly optimistic but thats ok, I do know this 
can go either way. I am just going to enjoy the thought of possibly being pregnant for a
while, Now if you will excuse me, I must start the suppositories! eek! 


  1. GOOD LUCK!!!! Go 12 million little spermies and 3 eggies go!

  2. It must feel good to go into your 2ww with good numbers (eggs and sperm count!)

    Fingers crossed for you!

  3. I'm so glad you feel good about the IUI and are enjoying the thought of possibly being pregnant. Yay for optimism! Best of Luck during your 2ww, I'll be thinking of you.

  4. Yay for 12 million swimmers! And congrats on being PUPO :)

  5. yipee! 12 million post-wash sounds good to me!

  6. Yay Tishi!!!! I bet your smiling from ear to ear - sounds like a perfect cycle, as goos as it can go....and I love your should absolutely keep that positive thinking up -there's no reason to think differently!!! So how many days of stims did you end up doing?

  7. Yay! Sending good thoughts your way for strong swimmers and at least one "easy" egg.

  8. Lots of baby dust sending your way! Crossing my fingers and toes for you!!! positive thoughts are always good! You are at a good start! It is great both you and dh are so in sync! fantastic!

  9. Wohoooo!! 12 milions!! that's not little at all,I know they like to see more but i'll take it any day!! And so now we wait. Keeping everything crossed!

  10. The "clean living thing" has worked for us, too. It really makes me think about what all of us, infertiles and not, could do to our health if we cleanud up a lot of other things. (Okay, okay, Coca Cola is not a healthy drink, I get it.) Good luck, chica, I'm right behind you! Here's hoping for November IUI babies!

  11. It all sounds so great and hopeful! :) Good luck, I hope everything going swimmingly!

  12. Soooo excited for you! Keeping my fingers & toes crossed :)

  13. 3 follicles and 12 million sperm? These are great numbers for a successful cycle! So excited for you!