Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gonal-F HELP


I am doing an IUI cycle this month and today was my first day with the Gonal-F
injection. I was worried to do it on my own so I had my husband do it. He did everything
very well except.........he panicked when he injected me (he thought it hurt me) and 
he pulled it out before waiting for the required 5 sec. We definitely heard the click of
the pen, he did it twice to be sure, but then he pulled it out, MAYBE it was in for 
about 2 seconds. 

What happens now? does this mean I did not get the correct dose? does it mean 
there is extra medication still in the pen and tomorrow I will end up double dosing
myself? Any help I could get would be great!

On the lighter side, I caught the whole thing on video, perhaps one day when I'm 
not freaking out I will post it. Its pretty funny to see the looks on our face when we 
realize we didn't count to 5. 


  1. Eeeek, I wish I had an answer. Can you see what is left in the pen? I would reinject yourself with whatever is left (if it's bareable?) I haven;t done injections before so I am probably no help!

  2. I'm not in any way a nurse but I think the 5 seconds is just to make sure the liquid spreads out before removing the needle and doesn't get pushed back out by your body.

    Also, being just the first night, a little less or extra tomorrow shouldn't matter.

    Good luck with this cycle!

  3. I *think* it's fine! If you pressed in the correct dosage, I wouldn't stress about the seconds it was left in! I don't do Gonal, I'm on follistim, but I leave it in maybe for 3 seconds afterwards and all is fine! Good luck!!! :-)

  4. I agree. I think you're fine. Plus, I would think if they really need to, they can up your dose as you get closer in case you didn't get enough...I'll be right there with you in one week. Yay for needles!

  5. Here is a potentially overly detailed description of how it works:

    It should click once per 37.5 iu in your dose. So if you're doing 75 iu, you turn the dial to 75, and pull out the end. Once you've stuck it in yourself, you push in the end until it clicks twice (for a 75 iu dose). Leaving it in at the end just helps it absorb a bit so it doesn't follow the needle out.

    Hope that helps!

  6. braingivf gave a great explanation. Congrats on getting that first injection done, it's always a tricky one, and Mr has done this before too (and there was a pool of liquid when he pulled out) but the follicles developed just fine, so no panicking.
    Sending you lots of good thoughts!

  7. From all the ivf veteran's comments here, sounds like it's gonna be okay, but I'd have freaked out too!! Congrats on doing your first injection!

  8. Definitely fine - oh I'm so excited for this cycle for you! Yay for getting through that initial step!!!

  9. Ditto what everyone else said. I worried about this too and my nurse said I am ok. Sometimes I just count to 5 and that's probably not a full five seconds. I think you are ok.