Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Naturopath

Today was my hubby's first day with the Naturopath, and my 3rd 
attempt to send him to one. This time he actually liked it!! He was so 
pleased by how well he was treated, a total 180 from the #$%& we have 
been getting from our R.E. She sat down and talked with him for nearly 
2 hours and by the end she set him up with a new vitamin/nutrition 
program. She asked him to log his food intake over the next 3 weeks and
will go over it to see if there is anything that needs fixin'. 

She has also asked him to cut out milk because the large amounts of 
estrogen in cows milk may be causing the MFI issues. I feel kinda bad 
about this though, he loves to have 2 or 3 big glasses of mike each day,
but god love him, he said he's more then willing to make the switch to 
almond milk. I really can't believe how dedicated he has been for the 
last little while, he has really been willing to do just about anything to 
help our cause. Maybe he is just tired of hearing me complain, but part 
of me thinks that he could want this just as much as I do!!

He also thinks the Naturopath is "easy on the eyes", maybe that
what's going to get him back in the office. I don't really care what 
gets him back, as long as he goes. At this point I would send him to 
a stripper if she was certified in acupuncture! just kiddin :)


  1. Hey, Great to hear your hubby is on board with the Naturopath! I had to get my hubby on multivitamin pills last year and he forgot a few times to take it so I had to keep reminding him. One time he wanted to ride on a bike..get in to a hot tub and I said..nope not good for your little swimmers...yes, i started sounding like a walking book..but what can you do..we both have to sacrifice! i did!

    Hopefully this new Naturopath can help him and it dosen't hurt to get his health in tip top shape.
    Persistence and patience does pay off! Good for you! wow, i didn't know milk can cause MFI..good to know! Please do share whatever else you find out!

  2. LOL nothing like a hot doc to get men motivated :)

  3. Glad the appt went well! Do you have fresh milk (from pastured cows) available in your area? It doesn't have the same estrogen problems as commercial milk. I'm glad your Hubby is open to the almond milk, though :).

  4. It's all about whatever works, right?

    Hope the results are worth the efforts to get him there!

  5. This is fantastic that the hubby is on board! Maybe it's your complaining, maybe it's finally getting to him that he can help too, but whatever it is, it's awesome! And I think it's always a good idea to involve a hot doc... :)

  6. Great news!!! I'm so glad that the naturopath was a positive experience for the hubs! Yay!

  7. Oh, I hear you on the husband thing. They take a lot of convincing, don't they? But wow, the naturopath spent 2 hours with him? That's awesome!

  8. What a level of committment from the Hubs! Mine complains when he has to take hsi male fertility blend everyday! I think that's awesome. Men generally are goal oriented and want to be achievers so I guess it's good he has some goals and like you said, the girl being easy on the eyes definately helps. tee hee!