Sunday, December 19, 2010

Telling Secrets

Ok, so I broke down and told my in laws about the pregnancy. I couldn't help myself, 
they keep crying whenever they see us, they tell us over and over again how hard 
they are praying for us. So today when we were there for dinner, opening gifts and 
eating pie, It just felt like the right time. I told my nieces about the "secret" and 
they ran right away to tell "Yia Yia" about it. "Yia Yia" to them is my MIL, she was
in the kitchen when they told her and all we could hear in the living room is sobbing.
My hubby then told his grandmother and she began to sob as well, I guess all of 
their praying really payed off, I hope they keep it up :)

Tomorrow we are heading to Nova Scotia to be with my family for the Holidays, I 
know I will also have to tell them, otherwise I will be sleeping in the smoke & cat
filled basement. I think I will get my nephew to tell my parents as well, it's a little
easier that way 'cause I either burst into tears when I talk about it, or I go stiff as
a board depending on my confidence level that day. I know my parents will be happy, 
but I worry the most about letting my mom know. She has suffered a few losses in 
her life and I was old enough to remember them happening. I really don't want her
to worry too much about it, I hope, like me she can try to enjoy it one day at a time. 

I know its really early, as of tomorrow I am only 7 weeks along (according to my widget), 
but it's the holidays and I really want to spread good news. Besides It would be very much 
out of character for me to turn down alcohol over the holidays so I'm sure they would 
have all figured it out anyway. I really hope that I am not making a huge mistake by 
telling everyone but I really feel like I could use some positive energy surrounding the 
pregnancy and I wouldn't have felt right keeping it from them over Christmas. Please
pray that this was the right thing to do!!!!

If I don't have access to internet over the next two weeks (although I am sure I will), 
I really want you all to have a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON, your all amazing, 
strong, gorgeous woman, and I would have never made it through 2010 without you!!!!


  1. Awwww! How exciting! We have told my mom and dad but not my in laws. My mil gets sooooo emotional and I want to wait until 12 weeks for her to know, so we are trying to wait and tell her on her birthday feb 2nd! I'll be just about 12 weeks then! Also- how exciting that we are due right around the same time! What's your current edd? I'm august 5 ! I can't even believe I can say that!!!!! Thinking of you! Happy holidays!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and are able to enjoy the season, even without alcohol.

    We told both our parents on Christmas day, and I was only about a month along. But yeah, it felt like tempting fate.

  3. What a great way to tell both MIL & Yia Yia. I can just picture them both crying away & talking to you in half greek, half english :) I bet the girls were soooo excited to be the ones to tell MIL. Enjoy your time with your parents, I'm sure this year will be extra special :)

  4. I am so happy that you no longer have to stress about your "in-laws" and maybe prayers do work but I think it is a special gift that both you and your husband deserve to recieve after waiting and struggling so long to become parents! It is the right time to tell your family and his family when "you both" feel it is the right time and no one can say eitherwise. Both of you deserve to relish and and enjoy in this wonderful news and by next christmas you will be sharing it with your newborn baby!! awww i can't wait to hold him or her in my arms! I am so happy for you both! once again, even on days i'm wondering why i'm paying all this $$$ for acupuncture..I know in my heart why...because that is what has helped you to conceive! hmmm i always tell people you never know what can happen a year from now...i met you close to 1 year ago and now this wonderful news!!!!!!! Have a merry christmas and a happy new year for 2011! Looking forward to seeing you again in Jan!! take very good care of yourself and your little one and DH of course!! relax and enjoy the festivities! everything will be wonderful!

  5. Gals you were able to share your news, absolutely the right thing to do for you, denying wine would have been my issue too!
    Merry Christmas,
    Ps: had no idea that you were from the east too!

  6. I love that you told you told your in-laws, and will be telling your family. I think it's great that you are sharing this wonderful news with everyone!

  7. Good for you for sharing- this has been a long awaited occassion in your life and I wouldn't be able to contain the news myself. I am so happy things are going well and I really hope you enjoy the Holidays - what a wonderful Christmas it will be. Lots of love Merry christmas! xoxoxoxox

  8. I always said that I would wait until I was showing and just never tell. It's very hard. Especially when you know someone is praying for you and sharing your pain in the wait.
    Consider it a way of enlisting prayer warriors for a healthy pregnancy! Now they can pray for it to stick, which I know is the prayer of your heart now, so you can all be in agreement on that.

  9. Yay! Good for you for telling! And besides, if you turn down a glass of wine at Christmas, it is totally like lighting up a big electric sign that says "Look at me, I'm preggo!". :)

  10. Aww it sounds like you have a wonderful family! It is wonderful to celebrate with others who are so invested and care so much. I can't wait to tell my folks- it has been a long time coming and they have shared this burden with me. You are a few weeks ahead of me- I look forward to reading your blog and going through this together. Congrats!