Friday, September 3, 2010

Its Friday Morning....Guess who's NOT having surgery!....UPDATE.......

Thats right.....ME!!!

The surgeons office called me yesterday to say the Doctor Is "no longer available
for surgery". Gee, this wouldn't have anything to do with the long weekend would 
it? So After.............

- Waiting since February 

- Taking time off work in June/July for a surgery that never happened

- Finding out I'm having surgery 1 week before the date

- Rearranging my schedule and my clients schedules for the week following the 

- Missing work for my Pre-Op blood work and paperwork

- Finally overcoming my fear of surgery and getting excited to move forward
in my plans

............My surgery was cancelled, last minute, just like that! and for what? more
then likely so the Doctor can have a longer long weekend. Oh lord, I give up!
In the words of Adam Lambert "What do you want from me?"

The surgeons office moved the surgery for 2 weeks from now, 2 days before
some very important classes. I asked her if there is another day I could do because
it is extremely hard for me to change my schedule and she simply replied 
"If you can't do that day it goes to someone else and you go back on the waiting 
list". She was so very curt with me, and I can say that I would have expected a 
little more sympathy when completely screwing up someone's plans. 

So, here I am with another big decision. Part of me wants to drop this surgeon and 
the other clinic that referred me to her and start all over again with Dr. Love. BUT 
this option puts me back at the beginning, right back to square one. On the other 
hand though I don't want to reward anyone for bad behavior. I will eventually move
forward with everything and put a whole lot of money towards it, I want the recipient
of these profits to be someone who actually cares (or at least seems to care) about
me and my partner. 

Sigh :(


Just contacted Dr. Love's office, and although the secretary was extremely kind, she 
informed me that he is booked solid until the new year. She will not know until
at least December when the new Operating Room schedule will be. It looks like if
I choose to change to him for the surgery that I will not get in until, at earliest, 
FEBRUARY. I don't know If I can wait that long. I know that I have dealt with this
pain my whole life, but the pain paired with disappointment every month is 
really getting to me. I really want to move forward. What do I do?


  1. How crappy! And it sounds like the receptionist/nurse was just rubbing salt in the wound by being a witch. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

  2. Here is some ass vice, take it or leave it, I would drop that surgeon and that other. Ivf clinic and go with the advice of fantastic other end doc that you saw- he is emotionally committed to his patients which is a rare thi g in this society and I really really feel like he will send you down a path that is more fertile and more your style... Plus the soca secretary really should be working with you, not being so rude.

  3. So frustrating! I'm sorry. I think I'd drop him too, this is too important a thing to go to someone you aren't 100% comfortable with. Because no matter what the outcome is, you want to be able to look back and KNOW you did everything you could and not second guess decisions.

    Hang in there!

  4. I'm so sorry! How completely unfair :(

  5. I would skip surgery and just do lifestyle modification and ivf( ask to be put one the cancellation for dr love and you will get in sooner!).

  6. I am so angry for you!!!!

    After your poor treatment from this stupid surgeon, it's obvious to me that he doesn't have any regard for his patients and their well-being. That being said, it seems that Dr. Love is a much better fit and will actually care about your and your surgery.

    Also, I think that you should report this surgeon to the ombudsman of the hospital that he works at. I can only imagine that you're not the first patient that he's done this to.

    February isn't that far away (I know, every month seems like an eternity to an IF girl, but relatively speaking, it isn't).

    You could do some dietary changes (I know going gf is a pain in the a$$, but it does help with endo) and you can better prepare your body for surgery. I did castor oil packs between my two surgeries and I definitely think they helped.


  7. Frustrating!!! Darn docs. I wish they would think more about how their personal decisions affect their patients lives. It's not fair to you who has been waiting for SO long!


  8. ARGH! My comment disappeared. Let me try this again.

    I guess you need to weight the reasons for the surgery. Are you planning to immediately follow it up with an IVF cycle? If so, it would be with the old doc, right? Are you planning to have the surgery and then try on your own for awhile? If so, you could do an IVF cycle with the new doc next year, right? Or are you doing this purely for pain relief?

    If it were me, I'd probably go ahead with the surgery for reasons #2 and 3. But if #1 was my plan, then I'd wait until the new doctor had availability.

    Best wishes figuring it all out. For all its flaws, US healthcare doesn't seem so bad...

  9. Okay, i dont know how Endo pain is for you as i don't really know much about it but that being said..when it comes to surgery for me i personally would go with someone I completely and absolutely trust..period. Is it possible to seek another appointment with Dr. love to discuss your concerns with him (i know you have already met with him) but getting another appointment just to speak to him should not be too much trouble. especially if you are experiencing pain from your Endo and that this other doc says you need a laproscopy and see what dr. love suggests and maybe he can book you earlier than Feb for surgery if you need it..i find sometimes just talking with the secretary--they are usually the "gatekeeper" doesn't really get me anywhere..instead call and say you just want to make an appointment with Dr. love and don't mention about surgery ..leave that discussion with Dr. Love in person.

    I don't like how this current nasty surgeon is treating cancelling last minute.. i personally don't put up with crap service. try to make that appointment with dr. love since you still have 2 weeks before the surgery and decide from there. never hurst to get a second opinion.

    bottomline is that you have to personally feel comfortable with the doctor who is helping you get pregnant.

  10. what a mess
    and just after your wonderful visit ;(
    thinking of you, you will know what to do after you reflect on it for a while

  11. unacceptable, just completely unacceptable. I'm really sorry, and angry. I just can't believe this!

    I'm not sure what square one is for you, but it sounds like you really like Dr. Love and his practice sounds right for you based on your treatment preferences.

  12. ughh! i'm really pissed for you. The worst part was their flippant attitude about it. i say have the surgery as soon as you can with diet modification in the meantime and then switched to the doctor you like the best for your IVF cycle. you definitely want courteous and compassionate care for your cycle.