Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Decisions & Tips

So, I have decided to do the surgery next monday with Dr. Hate. I feel like a 
huge sell-out, but I really just want to move forward with everything. After the 
surgery is complete I will still be giving all my previous test records over to 
Dr. Love so that we can move forward with his diet/lifestyle modifications. 
Hopefully he will set us up on a track that works for us and we can move on 
to the next stage of the game. 

Thank you all so much for the advice, in return I have posted this link from 
my friends clinic. It's just a bunch of tips to help with PCOS, I know not 
everyone on these blogs has this disease but I think a lot of these tips could 
be helpful for anyone! 


  1. Good luck with everything Tishi, I'll be thinking of you on Monday! I hope that all goes well with the surgery! ((hugs))

  2. I think you made a great decision. It will feel great to get the looming surgery over with and move on!

  3. I'm glad that you came to a decision. I agree that having surgery ASAP is imperative and then seeing Dr. Love afterwards is a great plan.


  4. New beginnings. You have a plan. Decisions are made. I think this is good. :)


  5. Very best of luck with the surgery my friend, sending you thoughts and positive vibes, Fran

  6. Good luck with the surgery lady... always scary going into one, but I think it sounds like you made the right decision!

  7. Good luck on Monday. Be sure to take vita e afterward to help prevent scarring.

  8. Thinking of you today for your surgery. It will be okay. You are not a sellout. You are just focusing on the end goal.
    I hope you have a speedy recovery since you are so busy!

  9. Hey Good luck on the surgery! sorry for the late message as I have been away.
    Today is Monday so i'm thinking about you and wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery!!
    take very good care yourself and get lots of rest!