Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cleaning Ladies are Trying to Kill Me

So, I have come to the conclusion that there are cleaning ladies trying to kill me. 
At first I was not so sure, but now I am quite convinced. 

It all started a few weeks ago when I gave up on spin class and started to go down 
to my condo gym to boogie on the elliptical. As soon as I went down there a cleaning
lady came in and thew cleaning powder on the machine next to me and began scrubbing 
away. The toxic cleaning smell was unbearable and it quickly made me feel sick....the 
mysterious cleaning substance was actually sizzling and bubbling. 

I asked her (politely) if cleaning was necessary during gym hours and pointed to my 
belly, she just shrugged and said "I cleaned all through my pregnancy". Cleaning is 
one thing, but using whatever the hell she was using is another story, there was no 
way I was going to continue huffing and puffing away next to that fog, so I got off
 the treadmill and went back upstairs. 

Since then it has become kind of a running joke between me and hubby, every time, 
and I mean EVERY TIME I go down to the gym a cleaning lady shows up shortly after
to clean. It doesn't matter what time I go down there.......she is there holding that 
can of powdery toxicity! Hubby thinks I'm over reacting, he even says I sound like a 
spoiled rich #$#%#$ when I complain. The truth of the matter is, I just want to work 
out because its good for me and the baby.....I'm not rich......and I don't use that junk 
to clean my house and I don't want to be around it. 

Thats all fine and dandy, but tonight is what really convinced me that the cleaning 
ladies of toronto are plotting against me. Tonight I was teaching a hypnobirthing class
and when we were done I locked up the room and let the class out. I decided I needed
to run to the bathroom (of course) before leaving so I walked towards the bathroom. 
Soon as I turned the corner my legs slipped right out from under me and I flew in the 
air just before landing on my back. I am sure it looked an awful lot like goofy slipping 
on a banana. At first I was more confused, but then when I looked down the hallway
I noticed the cleaning lady there just mopping away, throwing water here and there, 
with no 'wet floor' sign in sight (or any thought to the class of pregnant woman that 
was just let out).

I picked myself up on the floor, of course in a panic state over what I may have done 
to the baby. I quickly left work and drove home, wondering if I should drive myself
to triage along the way. I decided to come home and drink some juice and see if baby 
will move a little, but so far I don't feel much movement. There is no signs of anything
really going wrong just yet though, no bleeding or cramps, but I can tell you I am 
terribly worried. If baby doesn't start moving all over the place soon I may take myself
in to see how babe is. 

Anyway, thats my story............

Monday, April 18, 2011

6 month mark!

It's hard to believe that in two days I will reach the 6 month mark of this pregnancy!
I am really starting to feel an urge to get ready for the little one, but since I have no room
in my condo to 'nest' I have decided to take up knitting. I have done it before, but all 
I can really make is a scarf....which is not exactly baby friendly, so I am attempting a 
newborn hat. So far so good, I will post pictures when It is done!

The baby has been moving around quite a bit, it really has been wonderful to feel the 
movements, especially because it eases my neurotic mind. If I don't feel him/her move
for a few hours I will drink some juice and sit quietly, usually I will feel a little bit
of movement then. At around bed time it feels like little one is doing backflips or 
something, its quite a lot more movement then I was expecting at this point. 

The belly is growing, I actually look pregnant, My belly is growing forward now 
instead of just sideways, I swear I have doubled in width. My mother sent me a care
package of cute maternity clothing and I have gotten a few hand me down from friends
so I am actually better dressed now then before....its kinda nice. I feel like a baby bump
gives you a license to wear whatever the hell you want, and I like it. Maybe I will wear
a bikini for the first time in my life this summer, just cause I can! haha

As far as work goes, it has been a bit challenging to teach the fitness classes and some
of the moves I can no longer do at all. I think they are all pretty understanding because
I teach pre/postnatal fitness mostly, but I find it hard to slow down. I am thinking 
about cutting down the amount of classes I teach and doing more 'desk work' which 
may just include watching Ellen and drinking tea! I will still be attending births up 
until July, not so sure if that was a smart choice. I have a client due this week and the 
thought of leaving my house right now for an overnight birth is....well.....scary! 

Well, It has been a long time since I posted, I am thinking about my fellow bloggers all 
the time and praying for baby dust to be spread all around. I am going to spend the next
few minutes/hours reading the posts that I have missed over the last week. I hope everyone
is doing really well!!! 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fertility Yoga

Last night was the first class of my company's new Fertility Yoga Program. It was 
something I have been creating for nearly two years and I CAN NOT tell you how 
excited I was to see if finally come together. I wanted the program to be as Mind/
Body as possible and I really think (or hope) that I have hit that mark. 

We hired a fantastic yoga teacher and an assistant for her that does massage, 
adjustments and offers alternative poses if someone is feeling uncomfortable (think
fertility drugs) . The ladies will definitely get lots of hands on 'lovin' while they are 
relaxing in different poses, especially since there are 2 teachers and we cap the class
at 6 students. The assistant is also a nutritionist so she is able to answer and talk 
about any nutrition issues the class may be having. 

We also added a therapist to the first and last class to facilitate a group therapy 
session (another part of mind/body) and the ladies in class really seemed to open 
up and talk about how they are feeling. Also included are fertility teas, essential oils, 
breath work, relaxation techniques and a journal for the full 8 weeks. I even added
some of the guided meditation work I have learned through my hypnosis training!

Squeeeeeeeeeel, I am so excited to see this start running, I really hope this can 
become a place for healing and enjoying oneself again. I think this is the biggest thing 
that was lacking in the fertility clinics, I felt like I became just a walking uterus and 
no one cared how I felt or how I struggled. I hope this class can change some of that 
and give us back our voices a little bit!!!!