Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cleaning Ladies are Trying to Kill Me

So, I have come to the conclusion that there are cleaning ladies trying to kill me. 
At first I was not so sure, but now I am quite convinced. 

It all started a few weeks ago when I gave up on spin class and started to go down 
to my condo gym to boogie on the elliptical. As soon as I went down there a cleaning
lady came in and thew cleaning powder on the machine next to me and began scrubbing 
away. The toxic cleaning smell was unbearable and it quickly made me feel sick....the 
mysterious cleaning substance was actually sizzling and bubbling. 

I asked her (politely) if cleaning was necessary during gym hours and pointed to my 
belly, she just shrugged and said "I cleaned all through my pregnancy". Cleaning is 
one thing, but using whatever the hell she was using is another story, there was no 
way I was going to continue huffing and puffing away next to that fog, so I got off
 the treadmill and went back upstairs. 

Since then it has become kind of a running joke between me and hubby, every time, 
and I mean EVERY TIME I go down to the gym a cleaning lady shows up shortly after
to clean. It doesn't matter what time I go down there.......she is there holding that 
can of powdery toxicity! Hubby thinks I'm over reacting, he even says I sound like a 
spoiled rich #$#%#$ when I complain. The truth of the matter is, I just want to work 
out because its good for me and the baby.....I'm not rich......and I don't use that junk 
to clean my house and I don't want to be around it. 

Thats all fine and dandy, but tonight is what really convinced me that the cleaning 
ladies of toronto are plotting against me. Tonight I was teaching a hypnobirthing class
and when we were done I locked up the room and let the class out. I decided I needed
to run to the bathroom (of course) before leaving so I walked towards the bathroom. 
Soon as I turned the corner my legs slipped right out from under me and I flew in the 
air just before landing on my back. I am sure it looked an awful lot like goofy slipping 
on a banana. At first I was more confused, but then when I looked down the hallway
I noticed the cleaning lady there just mopping away, throwing water here and there, 
with no 'wet floor' sign in sight (or any thought to the class of pregnant woman that 
was just let out).

I picked myself up on the floor, of course in a panic state over what I may have done 
to the baby. I quickly left work and drove home, wondering if I should drive myself
to triage along the way. I decided to come home and drink some juice and see if baby 
will move a little, but so far I don't feel much movement. There is no signs of anything
really going wrong just yet though, no bleeding or cramps, but I can tell you I am 
terribly worried. If baby doesn't start moving all over the place soon I may take myself
in to see how babe is. 

Anyway, thats my story............


  1. most likely all is well but I would go to triage anyway because you won' be able to relax until you hear the heartbeat and get an official "ok". I am so sorry about the cleaning chemicals and esp the fall. that is really really scary. how is your back?

  2. Hope you decided to go to triage. I'm sure all is fine, but, why wait and torture yourself? They are there to help, and after working so hard to get pregnant, I'm sure they would understand your concern(but as you know I'm super risk adverse, and a big ol worrier, so there would have been no rest without a doctor telling me I'm fine).

    Freaky about the cleaning lady in your building, I think she sees you and then runs in there, you need to fake her ut and go into the gym an hour before you plan on exercising, leave and come back and she should be gone! I hate toxic chemicals too, and totally understand why you wouldn't want to work out whille they are cleaning.

  3. First go to the triage as this will help you relax as they will tell you all is well. 2nd probably good to complain to the building management about the careless cleaning lady..did she not see you on the floor? And you teach a class for pregnant woman, so dangerous!

    Condo cleaning lady, probably better to either avoid the condo gym altogether or speak with condo management..gosh, i thought paying for maintenance fee you would get some respect. That is not good that each time you go there the cleaning lady is there to clean?what gives? there are no other times to clean .. Avoid cleaning ladies, probably from now on after you leave your yoga class to look and make sure the woman did not just started mopping or finished sign either...yeah, I am a complainer i don't know i would definitely complain. Your baby is the most important thing and your health and well-being.

    Just keep relaxing as I'm sure all is OKAY but if it will make you feel better just make a trip to the triage.

  4. Gosh both experiences sound awful. I hate breathing in chemicals, even with an empty womb, i cant imagine how awful that was trying to work out and breathing that crap in. I would agree with another responder and contact the gym management.

    Regarding that fall, that sounds awful, I hope you and the little one are ok, I dont think it would hurt to go get checked out, just for peace of mind. xoxoxox

  5. I would definitely go to triage - just to make sure! I'm sure everything is just fine, but how scary! I can't believe those cleaning people - how bizarre!

  6. Holy Moley! I definitely think you should complain to the condo board, and ask for environmentally friendly unscented cleaners. It is only fair. Threaten to sue them because you have scent issues or something! :)

  7. Hope all is well- hopefully you went to triage or you felt the baby move-. Seriously annoying though- I almost fell at work the other day- because somebody had spilled water on the floor and had just left it there! If it was not for a co-worker standing really close by- I would of have been on my butt. The near fall freaked me out!

  8. Gosh!! I would have been shouting names and threats to the cleaning lady!!! I'm sure you are ok, I also feel on ice around about 32 weeks, I was so so worried but all was well and baby is so protected inside you s/he won't have noticed!

  9. ps.. just gave you an award on my blog!