Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Babe is Good!

I guess I should update everyone by saying baby is good, we had a midwifery 
appointment today to confirm. Thank you all so much for your advice last Wednesday
after the fall, I was totally freaking out and it was just nice to know there was people
out there to listen. 

I ended up staying home after the fall, I drank a TON of juice and eventually the 
baby started to move a lot.....it actually didn't stop for several hours....OOPS!! 
I knew that I was to look out for contractions and bleeding so after a few hours without
these warning signs I started to feel better.....I still called my midwife just incase and she confirmed that without bleeding or contractions the fall would have hurt me much 
more then the babe, especially cause I landed on my back.

The cleaning lady has been notified to put up 'wet floor' signs, but she is sticking to her 
story that there was no one in the building when she started cleaning. That kinda pisses
me off, but to be honest I am just happy everything is ok (other then a stiff back and 
sore wrist). I was actually teaching HypnoBirthing the night of the fall, so the whole 
class had seen her cleaning, just incase I needed witnesses. 

Tomorrow I have a huge work day, then on Thursday I am heading home (Nova Scotia)
for a wedding. The bride is pregnant, and so are two of my other cousins, I can't even 
express how grateful I feel to be there with a baby bump as well. I do not know how I 
would have survived seeing all my younger cousins so quickly starting family, especially 
in the small town that I come from (gossip, gossip). I still don't look forward to all the pregnancy talk that is sure to take over the weekend, I still can't seem to wrap my head 
around all that. Its always complaining and eye rolling and "get this over with", it makes 
me want to crawl out of my skin........They don't know how lucky they are!!! 

OH well, off I go to bed, thanks again everyone for responding so fast to my last post,
I needed it! 


  1. I am so glad things are okay! Have fun at home and at the pregnancy heavy wedding :)

    Take care of that baby!

  2. thanks so nuch for the good news! I was thinking of you & getting a little worried. have a great trip! travel safely.

  3. So relieved that all is okay!!

    Have a safe trip! I'm so glad that it will be easier to deal with! :)

  4. I know how scary a fall in pregnancy can be, so happy everything is okay with you and babe!
    At the wedding you can just be the obnoxiously cheerful pregnant lady and make them all wonder why they can't enjoy their pregnancy as much as you do (and secretly loathe you:). Kill them with kindness and pregnancy bliss!

  5. So glad to hear you and the babe are ok!!! And that wedding - ugh. I hate the whiny pregnant folks - so annoying!

  6. Have fun back east! I can't stand pregnancy talk too, really people, get a grip!

    Glad that all is okay with you and the bump.

  7. Have a safe trip! Glad to hear babe is OKAY! enjoy the sunshine!

  8. hooray babe! glad you are okay and that you let mommy know you are okay!

  9. Glad to hear that you and your little one are ok! Hope you have a great trip!