Saturday, July 2, 2011

Woot Woot!!!

Today is my baby shower, I can't even tell you how long I have been waiting for a 
baby shower that is all mine! My whole life I am sure. For some reason I LOVE baby 
showers (maybe 'cause I love cute little baby things) and have hosted quite a few in my 
lifetime. I feel really blessed that I finally get to have this day after such a long wait, 
it's hard to believe that I'm really at 34 weeks. I remember when my friends booked the 
date for the shower I was thinking "oh gosh that is SOOOOOOO far away" now I can't 
understand where the time went. Nothing in my life has ever gone so fast, yet so slow 
all at once. 

I don't think I am having a typical shower, mainly because I don't have very typical 
friends. 2 of my closest girlfriends are hosting and one of them is an event planner and 
the other is quite an artist. The theme of the shower is Wine and Chocolate and it's 
actually in the evening rather then afternoon. I know it sounds weird to have wine at 
a party where the guest of honor can't drink but my real goal for this event is to have
a party where all my friends get together and enjoy themselves, to me wine seems 
fitting. I will be quite content with cute little baby things and chocolate, besides 
I'm an east coaster, I have drank enough in my life :) 

Speaking of being an east coaster, I am feeling quite homesick as the shower approaches. 
I currently live in Toronto and my family is quite a distance away. I'm no longer able
to fly so I won't be seeing them before the big day. In Nova Scotia I have all my childhood friends, my cousins, my aunts, and mother. I am having a hard time imagining my baby 
shower without them (to me, baby showers are about them). My sisters are also very far 
away, my youngest sister lives in Quebec on a Farm and my middle sister lives in B.C. in 
the country as well. My sisters and I are incredibly close and it breaks my heart to think
of them not being here for this, or even being here to watch my bump grow. I won't have 
a single person at my shower that knew me before 2003 or a single blood relative. 

I know what your thinking "boo hoo, just shut up and be grateful you get to have a baby 
shower" and I think that is good advice, so I will take it. I am SO grateful this day has 
finally come and I am going to cherish it forever. I will take pictures and open gifts and 
finally feel like I am part of this whole pregnancy/parenthood thing. I am going to 
jump in with both feet and enjoy myself and trust that all the gifts and good wishes are 
for this little bean who will safely be here in 4-8 weeks :) 


  1. You are allowed to feel bummed that your family is not's human nature! I'm sure they wish they could be there, too! But I hope that you enjoy your day and the excitement of your upcoming "big day"!

  2. We are far from our family too :( Not fun.

  3. I'm sure you had a great time!!! That baby is going to be here soon!

  4. What a wonderful evening! It was great to meet the rest of your friends,they are lovely!! To me friends are extended family :) Love ya!

  5. Oh how wonderful - I love the idea of the wine and chocolate party! Can't wait to see pics!!!

  6. Im sorry your family wont be there, I totally understand the dissappointment of not having them there. This is a very momentous occassion!!! I think I would have wine at my baby shower too, your right, you want your guests to have a wonderful time! Enjoy, cant wait to see pics!

  7. Well, at least your baby didn't arrive before the shower...though that can be okay as well.

    Hope you were able to enjoy being the prospective mama being showered with love and goodies.