Tuesday, February 1, 2011

13 weeks

I made it, I can hardly believe it, I am here at 13 weeks with a beating heart, two if 
you count mine! I have been waiting with white knuckles this whole time and I hope 
this means that I can finally exhale and enjoy this time with my peach. 

I get made fun of by my girlfriends about my "stoic" attitude towards this pregnancy so 
far. I think they want me to squeal and jump up and down, but I have been so cautious 
about everything the squealing has just not happened and wouldn't jumping up and down 
knock the baby loose? I'm just kidding about that last bit.......kinda. Even today at the appointment when we heard the heartbeat my hubby teared up and I just said "oh good, 
it's there", it seems to takes a few hours for the good news to sink in. 

I also purchased my first pair of maternity jeans, not really because I need them, but 
because I wanted to try on the fake bump they give you at the store. I have to tell you
that I looked perfectly round when I tried the 9 month bump on, I guess that's what 
happens when your just 5 feet tall. I adored having the "bump" and the maternity jeans
on, although I knew it wasn't real, it kinda helped me realize how real it is about to 
become. The bands on the maternity pants also hid my love handles quite well, which 
is a bonus....I wonder how early is too early to start wearing them! haha

Well thats about it for the last few weeks, tonight I am attending a brainstorming 
meeting to explore ways to get IVF funded here in our province. I hope we can make 
some headway and come up with some great rally ideas for the next year, the government needs to hear more about the benefits to funding IVF. 


  1. Congratulations!!! This is such good news and I'm so happy for you.

    I think I started wearing maternity pants around 13 weeks, as it just was way more comfortable than squishing into pants that cut into my belly. So, wear them and jump up and down gently!

  2. Mat pants will be your Very Best Friend post-partum! :-)

    So glad you and your wee peachie are doing well. Looking forward to seeing both of you at "fat lady swim class" this week!

  3. It was so nice to get such a great update. I love that your pregnancy is progressing so nicely. I would be reserved about celebrating too, it's just what we do.

    Go ahead and wear the maternity jeans whenever your ready, I her they are super comfy and how often do you have an excuse to wear them?! Enjoy!

  4. Wow you're really cruising right along! Congrats once again!

  5. I'm kinda new to blogging, but I just wanted to say what a blessing for you. Every milestone makes it easier to be happy for you and your baby. Good luck and wear those maternity pants with pride!

  6. Woohooo for the great appointment!! Well you know me by now...even when we brought Oliver home I could hardly believe it was true!!

  7. Congratulations on 13 weeks! So wonderful - just so happy for you!

  8. Yay for you and your little peach! Soon enough you'll only be able to wear maternity clothes... Enjoy it!

  9. Congratulations on 13 wks!

  10. This is a bit late but I hope you are rocking the maternity jeans by now. Comfort is key!

    Congratulations on making it into the 2nd trimester!