Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Alone

My home is quiet, so quite that it fills me with a weird sense of uneasiness. My hubby 
has bread risin' and I have granola baking, were back into our regular sunday night 
routine. As you may have guessed, my nephew is gone now, he is gone to a farm for 
the week with his mommy. My hubby feels like he has control of his home again and 
is happily reclaiming his space, but I feel really lonely without him. I had gotten 
quite used to the noise in the house, to the early morning wake ups, and the mess
at night. In fact, it's the kinds of madness I have been praying for, it's the kind of 
madness I need. 

A girlfriend of mine asked me, after the 2 weeks of watching my nephew, if the 
experience made me second guess my urning to become a parent. A question only
the most fertile of woman could ever ask. These two weeks have in NO WAY 
impacted my decision to peruse parenthood, I actually think it's made me want it 
even more. I know 2 weeks with a child does not qualify me to judge how hard it is 
to ACTUALLY be a parent, but even when he was having a tantrum in the middle of a restaurant I was happy as I have been in a long time.

Besides confirming that I can't wait to be a parent, I have learned a number of other
things in my last two weeks as an undercover mother. I've learned that people on 
the street are much nicer to you when your holding the hand of a handsome young
man. I've learned that my sister must have done a bang up job raising him so far 
because he is a very well behaved boy most of the time. And I've learned that if I do 
not end up with a baby, toddler, or puppy in the very near future then my loved ones
should really start worrying about my mental state :)

Before I finish this post and go explore what all the other bloggers have been up to, 
I am going to post this amazing photo of my nephew concentrating very hard on his big 
pile of sand and trucks. 


  1. Cutie! People are definitely nicer to you when you've got a kid with you. They actually make eye contact, smile, and talk to you. Strangers! Who knew?
    Glad you had a good time, and yes, the empty house afterward can be a bit hard :(.

  2. It's like those mothers who say (after you expressed your want to have children)- oh no you can be glad you don't have any yet, it's so exhausting/time consuming/expensive/(insert horrible adjective here). Irks me every time.

    Glad you had a good time with your nephew though - he looks like a cutiepie!

  3. As the old saying goings..when it is too easy to have something...we don't know how to greatly appreciate it..or is that an old chinese saying??? for us who are having a hard time conceiving we know how precious it is to beocme a mother and have a screaming toddler that we can call our own and we will love every minute of it because the process we've been through is even tougher! For those moms who are very comes too easy for them to get pregnant so they don't understand how we feel...i find it is a waste of time trying to convince them otherwise...but good that you had a great time with your nephew! he sounds like a cutie!

  4. I have a ten year old sister I like to have stay with us every now and then and I feel the same way every time she leaves. I feel like something is missing. My DH does the same thing as yours, he is so happy to have things back to "normal". I wish I could enjoy that normal. And yes, people treat you differently when you have a child with you. Like you are part of the club. I really hope that your childless state is coming to a close very soon and that your new normal includes the chaos of a little one. Your nephew is adorable.

  5. Hanging out with my 6 month old niece is like nothing in this world! I love every feeding, dirty diaper, tired cries, etc. I feel more 'normal' when I'm taking care of her then I do when I'm home with just my DH and myself. Hopefully soon we'll both be a part of that cool club known as motherhood, until then, I just cherish every second of being an auntie! I loved this post!!

  6. What a cute little boy! I'm glad you got the chance to be an undercover mother. I think it's nice to confirm that you're on the right path, and that all this is truly worth it! Your time will come, I promise!

  7. When my niece was born and she was so teeny tiny like this fragile little bird my father in law said, "Are you changing your mind?" (about wanting and praying and trying for a baby for five years). I felt so sad and angry at that moment. I was smiling on the outside looking at this newborn and dying on the inside. No one understands the searing pain we feel, even the ones who love us.